WMKK-OMAA || Boeing 737-700 BBJ || Gold and Red

Hello IFC, well today I decided to do something a little different. Use a 737 for a long haul. (almost) Now, for this route I would use a 777, 787 or 350 usually. But I thought, why not use the 737-700 BBJ in the best livery ever! The Gold & Red. So I did, let’s have a look:

Flight details
  • Route - WMKK-OMAA
  • Aircraft - Boeing 737-700 BBJ
  • Livery - Red & Gold
  • Flight Time - Six hours, Twenty-Five minutes
  • Recommended? Yes! Beautiful departure out of Kuala Lumpur and incredible approach into Abu Dhabi

Climbing to FL360

Flying over the East of India

Ohh, it’s getting dark!

Short final, almost fully dark

Safe and sound after a lovely flight!

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That first one is amazing! Keep up the good work!

Im in the middle of doing this flight right now with a 777-300 ethiad.

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Thank you all, next time I will do a little editing

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no problem my friend