WMKK - ATC PG [CLOSED] - Pattern Work Accepted

Come to Kuala Lumpur for some fun! Just follow rules below:

Runway 33 - Landing & Takeoff
Runway 32L - Takeoff and Touch n Go Landings (PATTERN WORK)
Runway 32R - Takeoff & Landing

And as accordance, pattern work will be accepted. If you’re remaining in the pattern, please extend departure, then continue with left or right traffic. :)

If this screws everyone up, lets give it a try. Enjoy, comment feedback below

I’ll come 5mins just finishing a flight

Dj I think you should have 32R pattern because it is on the edge & not the middle runway

Extend departure :)

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Just some real world info:

15/33 Takeoffs & Landings for Low-cost Carriers.
14R/32L Takeoffs for Standard Carriers.
14L/32R Landings for Standard Carriers.

The South to North direction is preferred.

I know @Laurens, I tried that.

Sorry, I have to leave. I got a text message saying that I have to go up the 24hr convenience store. My parents are low on some stuff, hopefully I can get back. I officially


This controlling session

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Can you please check your PM, thank you