WMBT was open! [Closed]

I’m going to start controlling at WMBT airport In Singapore and Kuala Lumpur region.
For anyone that wants to try challenging mountain approach

Come with A318 A319 or embraer aircraft.

Please come!

And tell me what I could improve in as I’m trying for IFATC


I will come

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I will do a fly by

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I am coming

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Going please dont leave

Hey dude next time can you please give me 02, i really want to try that approach.

I just realized which airfield that is on the map, Embraer is going to be a bit generous I think, lol. Maybe a 172?

Crashed =/

Thank you have a good night (I was corperate) Good job just a bit un organizied in begining but you did a very good job fixing it.


Great Job! Very Well Done… You are definitely going to get the position IFATC.

(P.S I was the US Coast Guard C-130 Callsign EMOJI)

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At the beginning, there were so many aircraft trying to land, it got kinda confusing.
But yeah, I did manage to fix it 🙂

Good job, I was that C-130J callsign Go cat 667, I crashed into a a mound so switched to DHL Cessna 208

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Ah! Yes. I saw you crash into the mountains. I just watched hopelessly

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Im going to have to try this right now , do you think a A318 is a bit too big ? Also do you wanna open up ATC for me :)

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Yes, I suggest dash 8s and anything smaller

isn’t that Unicom or were you approach?

If you look inside the cockpit of the dash8, you will see that is says: This aircraft is not equipped for steep approaches. So maybe not the best idea for WMBT

Mabey, I am tempted to try it out

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