WMBT flight

Im going to do some touch and goes at WMBT right now so if anyone wants to come im there in a Cirrus SR22 TRAINING SERVER 1

Ok I’m coming.

Coming in my f16

I’ll be back I’m just experiencing some techinical difficulties

Ok, I’m coming now. I’ll be in either an A318, 737-700BBJ or a C208.

coming now :)

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Coming soon in about 5 minutes or more.

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Coming, wait for me!

@LachyRobertson @Kyle.Plane @Xpheros @TheNorthernAviatorz
I love how what was touch and goes turned into a random group flight to WSSS in dash 8’s lol so epic


Yeah lol, was fun though

would love to do touch & goes at WMBT right now if yous want

Yeah there were four dashes 8 lined up while crusing. PS.Sorry for my hard landing the aircraft Just slammed the ground.

I’m going.

I saw hehe… i was spying with drone cam

Did you see my landing lol, was a decent touch down tbh

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Lets continue the touch and goes, Im right now at WMBT.

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lmao rip dash 8

Unable pattern work.

Parallel landing with @TheNorthernAviatorz


That being WMBT, how many planes crashed? How many attempted to land at Runway 02 but failed? How many overshot?