Wkly WW Commercial Aviation Accident/Incidant Rept 1/20/18

MaxSez: Provided Wkly as Professional Knowledge Gained. Pls add missing item,related photo/video’s, first persons overviews, missing items ect.

Saturday Jan 20th 2018
Incident KLM E190 near Amsterdam on Jan 19th 2018, anti ice system failure
Incident LATAM Chile B789 near Santiago on Jan 19th 2018, cabin pressure problems
Incident Brussels A333 at Freetown on Jan 9th 2018, rejected takeoff due to engine failure
Incident LAM B735 at Nampula on Jan 17th 2018, rejected takeoff due to bird strike
Incident India A321 at Guwahati on Jan 19th 2018, bird strike
Incident SunExpress B738 at Dusseldorf on Jan 20th 2018, flaps problem
Friday Jan 19th 2018
Incident United B763 over Atlantic on Jan 19th 2018, 15 people felt unwell
Incident Skywest CRJ9 at Medford on Dec 24th 2017, GPWS alert on approach
Incident Delta B752 at Los Angeles on Jan 18th 2018, hydraulic fault
Incident Sky Regional E175 at Toronto on Dec 2nd 2017, generator failure, RAT deployed
Incident El Al B744 near Goose Bay on Jan 14th 2018, wheel well fire indication
Incident British Airways A320 at Geneva on Dec 30th 2017, failure of yaw damper
Accident Easyjet A319 near Barcelona on Jan 1st 2018, turbulence injures flight attendant
Crash Tara DHC6 near Pokhara on Feb 24th 2016, aircraft impacted terrain
Incident Malaysia A333 near Derby on Jan 18th 2018, engine shut down in flight
Thursday Jan 18th 2018
Incident Eurowings A320 at Cologne on Jan 17th 2018, lightning strike
Incident Mesa CRJ9 near Dallas on Jan 17th 2018, smoke in cockpit
Accident American A319 at Phoenix on Jan 17th 2018, wake turbulence blew Cessna 182 on departure over
Incident Alaska B739 at Salt Lake City on Jan 17th 2018, bird strike
Incident Arabia A320 at Khartoum on Jan 9th 2018, fire in cabin
Incident Easyjet A319 at Munich on Jul 3rd 2017, severe hard landing at 3.01G
Accident Fastjet E190 at Mwanza on Jan 17th 2018, person on runway killed by departing aircraft
Accident Pegasus B738 at Trabzon on Jan 13th 2018, runway excursion
Wednesday Jan 17th 2018
Incident China Southern B773 at Auckland on Jan 17th 2018, hydraulic problems
Incident Azul AT72 near Vitoria da Conquista on Jan 15th 2018, smoke on board
Incident Flybe DH8D at Belfast on Jan 16th 2018, flaps problem
Incident Envoy E145 at Toledo on Jan 17th 2018, smoke indication
Tuesday Jan 16th 2018
Incident Envoy E145 at Philadelphia on Jan 14th 2018, engine problem
Incident British Airways A319 at London on Jan 15th 2018, brakes problem
Incident British Airways B788 at London on Jan 15th 2018, cracked windshield
Incident Norwegian B738 near Paris on Jan 14th 2018, loss of cabin pressure
Incident THY A321 at Dusseldorf on Jan 16th 2018, problems with nose gear
Incident Logan SF34 at Kirkwall on Jan 16th 2018, engine shut down in flight
Incident United B752 over Pacific on Jan 14th 2018, toilets on strike
Incident Delta B752 over Pacific on Jan 16th 2018, loss of cabin pressure
Incident Ethiopian B773 at Washington on Jan 15th 2018, hydraulic failure
Incident Belavia B733 at Kiev on Dec 22nd 2017, runway excursion after landing
Incident Air Asia A320 at Perth on Feb 19th 2016, descended below safe height on approach
Monday Jan 15th 2018
Incident KLM E190 near Amsterdam on Jan 15th 2018, strange smell in cabin
Accident LOT DH8D at Warsaw on Jan 10th 2018, nose gear did not extend on landing
Incident Swiss BCS1 enroute on Jan 15th 2018, failure of elevator
Incident TAAG B737 near Luanda on Jan 13th 2018, engine shut down in flight
Accident TAAG B773 at Lisbon on Jan 12th 2018, tyre tread separates on landing
Incident Jazz DH8D at Saskatoon on Jan 4th 2018, unsafe gear indication, flight crew determined indication was false
Sunday Jan 14th 2018
Incident Flybe DH8D at Knock on Jan 14th 2018, flaps problem
Accident Lufthansa CRJ9 at Munich on Jan 13th 2018, rejected takeoff due to blown tyre
Saturday Jan 13th 2018
Incident Norra AT72 at Riga on Jan 12th 2018, engine problem
Incident Southwest B733 at St. Louis on Dec 23rd 2013, bird strike causes uncontained engine failure
Incident Virgin Atlantic A346 at New York on Jan 12th 2018, engine oil leak
Incident Bridge Cargo B744 at Liege on Jan 12th 2018, flaps problem
Friday Jan 12th 2018
Incident Easyjet A319 at Zurich on Jan 10th 2018, suspected to have burst tyre on departure END
(Source: AvHerald)


1.Incident: Sky Regional E175 at Toronto on Dec 2nd 2017, generator failure, RAT deployed
By Simon Hradecky, created Friday, Jan 19th 2018 20:58Z, last updated Friday, Jan 19th 2018 20:58Z
A Sky Regional Airlines Embraer ERJ-175, registration C-FRQW performing flight RS-7516 from Toronto,ON to Charlotteotown,PE (Canada) with 64 passengers and 4 crew, was climbing out of Toronto shortly after takeoff when the crew received an IDG 2 OFF BUS Caution indication. The crew worked the related checklists, shortly afterwards the Ram Air Turbine (RAT) deployed. The crew declared emergency and diverted to Ottawa for a safe landing.

Canada’s TSB reported the operator’s maintenance is investigating why the RAT deployed looking also into the MAU (Modular Avionics Unit). The manufacturer participates in that investigation.

  1. Accident: American A319 at Phoenix on Jan 17th 2018, wake turbulence blew Cessna 182 on departure over
    By Simon Hradecky, created Thursday, Jan 18th 2018 20:35Z, last updated Thursday, Jan 18th 2018 20:35Z
    An American Airlines Airbus A319-100, registration N819AW performing flight AA-1709 from Phoenix,AZ to San Jose,CA (USA), departed Phoenix’s runway 07L and was climbing out of Phoenix.

A Cessna 182 departed runway 07L as the next aircraft. The FAA reported however: “AMERICAN AIRLINES FLIGHT 1709, A319 ON DEPARTURE CAUSED WAKE TURBULENCE AND BLEW OVER C172, PHOENIX AZ”. There were no injuries.

Runway 07L needed to be closed because of the disabled Cessna on the runway.

  1. Accident: Fastjet E190 at Mwanza on Jan 17th 2018, person on runway killed by departing aircraft
    By Simon Hradecky, created Thursday, Jan 18th 2018 15:03Z, last updated Thursday, Jan 18th 2018 15:03Z
    A Fastjet Embraer ERJ-190, registration 5H-FJI performing flight FN-148 from Mwanza to Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) with 83 people on board, was accelerating for takeoff at about 21:05L (18:05Z) when the crew noticed a person in the middle of the active runway, attempted some limited evasive maneouver and continued takeoff. Climbing out of the airport the crew informed ATC, who confirmed a seriously injured person on the runway. After safe landing in Dar es Salaam the crew received information that the person on the runway in Mwanza had succumbed to the injuries. The aircraft did not receive any damage.

The airline confirmed the accident advising their passengers that an investigation has been opened into the accident, the aircraft remains unavailable due to the investigation forcing a number of flight cancellations on Jan 18th. Fastjet wrote: “Fastjet would like to extend its sincere condolences to the family and friends of the dead.”

Tanzania’s Airport Authority reported a male, unknown identity, has died when he hit the departing aircraft on the runway. All security procedures had been followed. However, the long-term lack of a fence due to building and aerodrome enhancements works might have contributed to the person getting onto the runway. A safety investigation is underway.


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