Wizzair Virtual | Wizz Through The Skies | Official Thread

Credit to @RickG for this amazing background shot!

Welcome to Wizzair Virtual!

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Hello, fellow IFC members! Allow us to quickly introduce ourselves.

We are Wizzair Virtual - a virtual airline made by aviation enthusiasts passionate for exploring new, unknown destinations. We were approved by the IFVARB on the 7th of April, 2021. Our main goal is to take you to little known places around the world and to share the passion for aviation we all have.

We feature three programs, so everyone has something suitable for them.

Our Programs
  • Standard: Want to be free as a bird? This program is for you. With the Standard program, you are free to fly any aircraft we feature* and any route in our database. You’re required to log 1 flight every 30 days.

  • Career: Fancy stepping up your game? Look no further than this program. With the Career program, you are asked to depart from the airport you last landed at.** You are required to log 2 flights every 30 days.

  • Ultimate Career: Do you want to be among the most determined pilots onboard? Our signature program, the Ultimate Career, will give you this opportunity. Your main goal as an Ultimate Career pilot is to reach 1000 flight hours using only our mainline routes. You are asked to depart from the airport you last landed at.** You are required to log 2 flights every 30 days (and return to your chosen base every 14 days) - subject to removal.

* Ranks are always to be abided by.
** We allow exceptions for events.

  • Friendly staff
  • Active community
  • Regular internal events and group flights
  • Diverse route network
  • Three programs to choose from
  • Various competitions you can participate in

Hello everyone! Thank you for showing interest in our VA. Wizzair Virtual is an amazing group project and I’m beyond proud to be the leader of it. A group project supported by my amazing staff members. This VA cannot exist without them, so massive, massive shoutout to them for helping me lead the VA in the best way possible!
We really hope to see you in WZZVA, so come have fun with us!

Our staff members are always here to help. They are all friendly and have been hand-picked, to ensure the best service possible. Here’s a list of our staff members:

@AviatorAlex | Chief Executive Officer
@Jakub_Astary | Chief Operational Officer
@Sebastien_Cartier | Pilot Manager
@Alexian61 | Recruiter
@Speedbird222 | Route Manager
@RickG | Head of Internal Affairs
@bumy | Social Media Manager
Vacant | Events Manager
Vacant | Trainer

And here are some staff testimonies:


Hello, I’m 19 years old from Slovakia, a Grade 5 pilot and an IFATC Supervisor. I am passionate about Wizz Air both in IF but also in real life with more than 20 Wizz Air flights flown and counting. What I like about our VA the most are the amazing pilots and staff members as well as our unique and diverse route network. Hope to see you in WZZVA!


Hello there! I’m your Wizz Virtual Recruiter from Bucharest, Romania and a huge fan of Wizz’s routes. I joined the staff team in September 2021 but I have been a member since the first day. I always wanted to be the recruiter because I love dealing and helping new people and be their 1st good impression of the virtual airline. See you onboard!


Whiz gud 🥺 ✊ 💖


Hello! I am from Minnesota (U.S.A.), I am a Grade 5 pilot, and an IFATC Supervisor. As Head of Internal Affairs in the VA I am responsible for approving your PIREPS, Ranking you, and I host events from time to time. I am truly happy to be part of this VA because of the wonderful staff and pilots I get to interact and work with daily. We also have a truly great route system that is sure to not disappoint. Hope to see you join WZZVA!

If you are interested in any of the vacant positions, DM us to learn more!

Here are the ranks you can rise through and become among the most experienced pilots in our VA!


Cadet - 0-20h
You start out by flying the A320.

First Officer - 20-100h
Unlocks the A321.

Captain - 100-250h
Unlocks our DC-10F used for cargo operations, plus all the codeshare routes, operated with the Embraer E-Jets; 737, A320 and CRJ families of aircraft.

Senior Captain - 250-500h
Unlocks all codeshare routes, operated with the 757, 757 and A330 families of aircraft.

Pink Encore - 500-700h
You are now eligible for a 1.25x flight time multiplier on all your flights.

Blue Encore - 700-900h
You are now eligible for a 1.5x flight time multiplier on all your flights, and unlock all codeshare routes, operated with the 747, A350, 777 and 787 families of aircraft.

White Encore - 900h+
You are now eligible for a 1.75x flight time multiplier on all your flights. You also get to pick one ROTW every week. How cool is that!

We present to you our mainline fleet. While it’s not as diverse, it ensures you’ll only need skills to fly one family of aircraft for us!

Aircraft Airline Rank
Airbus A320 Wizzair Cadet
Airbus A321 Wizzair First Officer
McDonnell-Douglas DC-10F Generic Captain (Substitute for the A330F)

We offer a mainline route network of around 3000 routes (and counting!) from small, unknown European airports, all the way to Middle-Eastern destinations. We’ve divided our routes into 7 sections - Wizz Air Hungary, Wizz Air UK, Wizz Air Abu Dhabi, Wizz Air Cargo, Wizz Air Historic, Wizz Air Charters and Miscellaneous - so it’s easier to find routes based on parts of the world. We also offer a total of 79 bases all over Europe, which guarantees you’ll never get bored flying our colors! Here’s a quick introduction to our divisions:

Wizz Air Hungary

Wizz Air Hungary is based in Budapest Ferenc Liszt airport and has 67 other bases all around Europe. From there, you can fly to breathtaking cities across the continent - from popular Paris to mysterious Kukës. We’re absolutely sure you won’t be able to get enough of the routes here!

Useful Links:
Wizz Air - Wikipedia
Wizz Air Flights and Destinations - FlightConnections

Wizz Air UK

Wizz Air UK’s main base is located in London Luton airport and has 3 other bases to its name. From there, we offer many routes across Europe - from the sunny Canaries to the unknown parts of mainland Europe.

Useful Links:
Wizz Air UK - Wikipedia
Wizz Air Route Map and Destinations - FlightConnections.com

Wizz Air Abu Dhabi

Wizz Air Abu Dhabi’s base is none other than Abu Dhabi airport, the capital of the UAE. It’s Wizz Air’s most recent subsidiary, ensuring presence and connection of Europe to the Middle East.

Useful Links:
Wizz Air Abu Dhabi - Wikipedia
Wizz Air Abu Dhabi Route Map and Destinations - FlightConnections.com

Wizz Air Cargo

Wizz Air Cargo is the, as you may have guessed, cargo subdivision of our VA. We operate the DC-10F on our cargo routes as a substitute to the Airbus A330F Wizz Air flies for the Hungarian government in real life, as the two aircraft have similar specifications.

Wizz Air Historic

Fancy going back in time? This subdivision allows you to travel back in time… Sort of. The routes in this list are going to appeal to people who enjoy flying routes that aren’t flown any longer. They are also regularly featured in our internal events!

Wizz Air Charters

Interested in flying to even more unusual places around the globe? This subdivision has everything you need! Here, you’ll find even more intriguing destinations that will make you grab your device and take off immediately.


Love flying special routes? You’re in luck! We feature many special routes to even more unusual destinations for Wizz Air, we’re absolutely sure they’ll appeal to all of you!

We are proud to announce 14 codeshare partners and over 300 codeshare routes.

Here is a list of all of our amazing codeshare partners: @AeroflotVirtual, @OldAirChinaVirtual, @TahitiVirtualGroup, @Airbus_Virtual, @Ethiopian_Virtual, @FinnairVA, @GOLVirtual, @IberiaVirtual, @VirtualIce, @MalaysiaAirlinesVA, @PhilippineAirlinesVA, @SaudiaVirtual, @UnitedVirtual and @VietnamVirtual

To all our codeshare partners, we are beyond proud to have agreements with you! A whole-hearted “Thank You!” from us!

Follow us on Instagram and TikTok for fun, WZZVA-related content!

Are you convinced to join our amazing team? Make sure you meet our requirements and apply for us!


  • Must be 14 years old or above.
  • Must be respectful of other members.
  • Must comply with the IFC, IFVARB and WZZVA rules.
  • Must have a legal copy of Infinite Flight and an active Pro subscription.
  • Must be Grade 3 or higher.
  • Must not have a landing-to-violation ratio higher than 0.50.
  • Must have a Discord account (or be willing to create one for the purposes of VA communication).

What do we expect from you?

When flying for us, you are expected to fly to the utmost professionalism, which includes (but is not limited to) proper usage of Unicom, ability to communicate with ATC, respect for other members of the VA. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary actions.

We hope to see you soon!

Apply here


Wizzair Virtual is a non-profit organization officially approved and acknowledged by the Infinite Flight Virtual Airline Regulatory Board. All logos, brand names, and pictures belong to their respective owners. Wizzair Virtual is in no way affiliated or associated with the real-life airline Wizz Air, Infinite Flight, or any other organization. If you’d like to visit Wizz Air’s official website, follow this link.


Amazing thread! We’re glad to be one of your partners!

Gritz - SVVA


Beautiful thread!


Lovely thread, as always, keep it up!


Marvellous thread. Will rejoin this VA in the near future!


Oh my, I must say this is one of the best looking threads I’ve seen. Congrats and good luck!


Awesome thread guys!


Thanks @Ryanair.Virtual for todays event!



A pleasure, was really funny and as always we love to collaborate with you all!

In sincerity,

Lorenzo B.
Ryanair Virtual President

Ryanair Virtual

Check here!

Official Site - Official 2022 Thread - Apply now

Ryanair Virtual


We are extremely delighted to announce a brand new staff member join our team, @bumy. Bumy has shown great dedication to our VA and a sky-high interest in becoming a staff member, and his position is well deserved.

Bumy will be managing our social media - a good opportunity for us to remind you to follow our Instagram (@wizzvirtualif) to keep up with us and enjoy fun, WZZVA-related content.

Interested in joining us? Take a look at our thread and apply now!

Wizzair Virtual
Chief Executive Officer


I’ve applied!


Sounds awesome, we will probably be able to fly together soon! 😍

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Thinking about joining - but I hate having to do practical exams… Is there a practical exam or not?

There is no practical exam, just the theory written one. Can’t wait to have you onboard!


Sounds great!

@WizzVirtual I just submit an application, hope I can pass!


Interesting VA. Can’t wait to reach Grade 3 (I’m Grade 2 currently) and join.

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We look forward to having you!

Be sure to check out this lovely destination with a stellar approach flown by Wizz to Kukës. Be sure to check out the guide above and explore this lovely new 3D airport created by our very own COO, @Jakub_Astary . He worked very hard on all of this and his work is extremely appreciated!


And here is the WZZVA Team completing an event at the above mentioned Kukës airport with the last aircraft of the group flight landing! 🔥