Wizzair Virtual | Wizz Through The Skies | Official Thread

Credit to @Suhas for this amazing shot!

Welcome to Wizzair Virtual!

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Hello, fellow IFC members! Wizzair Virtual is a new VA, recently approved by the IFVARB. Our main goal as a VA is to introduce you to unique destinations, and have fun while doing it. We all share a deep passion for aviation, and we hope you do too! If so, hop right in!

We are lucky to have an ever-expanding mainline route network, which for now consists of just over 1900 routes, operated by 3 aircraft, which you can use during your flights for WZZVA. We host weekly group flights and, from time to time, some interesting and fun competitions. The most dedicated ones of you will quickly reach our Wizz Encore ranks, which bring exciting perks, outlined below.

Wizzair Virtual offers three programs, so everyone has one appealing to them.

Our Programs

At WZZVA we offer three programs:

  • The Standard Program: Want to be free as a bird? This program is for you. With the Standard program, you are free to fly with any aircraft we feature, on any route we feature, at any time. Ranks are to be abided by. You are required to log at least 1 flight every 30 days.

  • The Career Mode: Fancy being a little more serious? In that case, look no further than this program. With Career Mode, you are asked to fly the aircraft listed for its respective route. Information for that can be found in our flights database or on the Crew Center. You are also asked to depart from the last airport you landed at and this after each flight. You are here required to log at least 2 flights every 30 days.

  • The Ultimate Career Mode: Do you want to be one of the most serious pilots on board? The Ultimate Career Mode will help you with that. Indeed, here you are required to fly only Wizzair routes for 1000 hours. Events and ROTW are exceptions - both in the limit of only flying Wizzair routes, but the activity check as well. In this mode, you are also required to log in at least 2 flights every 30 days, however the Events and ROTW do not count towards activity. But, they do count towards flight hours. You are also asked to return to the base you have chosen every 14 days. We understand this is quite challenging, but it’s for the most serious ones of you.

Hey everybody! My name is Max and I am the CEO of the new Wizzair VA. Putting this together was quite a challenge and a huge commitment but I am ready for anything.
I love challenges and being challenged – this was perfect. But I have one very important thing to add: I could not have done it without my fantastic staff! A big shoutout to them!
Together we will strive to have fun. With 3 different programs, everybody is covered. We hope to see you soon, here at WZZVA!

Our staff members are always here to help. With outstanding leadership qualities, they have been hand-picked to provide the best service possible. Here they are below:


@MaxTheBandit | CEO & Co-Founder
@RomeoStuff24 | COO & Co-Founder

Other Staff

@AviatorAlex | Pilot Manager
@EpicNYC04 | Recruitment Manager
@Jakub_Astary | Routes Manager
@JetSuperior5192 | Event Manager
@CaptJimiThing | Head of Internal Affairs
@Sebastien_Cartier | Website and Routes Manager
@tjb0709 | Crew Center Manager

Our staff is always trying to be as helpful as possible. Some of our staff introduced themselves, so you can get to know them quicker.


Romeo is our COO. He is a very hard-working member of staff - the Discord server is his own work.

Hello, my name is Romeo. I am 24 years old, living in California and love aviation to death. My favorite aircraft are the 777 series, 787, basically all with a Boeing name on it. I am really happy to be part of the staff in our VA. Hope to see you here soon.


Alex is our pilot manager. He is in charge of the HIA and CCM. He temporarily serves the role of a recruiter as well. He played a key role in building the VA from the ground up.

Hello, everyone! My name is Alex. I’m really proud and honored to be a Wizzair Virtual staff member. I have accumulated over 4000 flight hours and nearly 3 million XP in Infinite Flight in the span of a year and a half - and I’m still going strong. I’m looking to apply to IFATC and the IFAET in the near future, so I can help out even more.
I’m trying to be a good friend and help out whenever I can, so if you have questions regarding the VA, feel free to message me and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible! See you all in WZZVA!


Hey, my name is Jakub. I’m 18 years old, living in Slovakia. I am a Grade 5 pilot and an IFATC Officer. I joined the staff team in April 2021, partly because I love Wizz Air and also because I wanted to help out with the routes. Hope to see you at WZZVA!


Sebastien is in charge of our website. If there are any bugs or issues, or just any feedback in general, please don’t hesitate contact him here on the forum or on Discord.

Hey there, I’m Sebastien. I am a 23 year old CS student, passionate about aviation. I’m currently grade 4 in IF and IFATC officer. I was asked to join the VA in February 2021. Hope to see you flying Wizzair soon. Cheers.


TJB is responsible for our crew center - that means he’s in charge of adding routes, altering, removing, and improving our CC. Feel free to send him a message in case you have any questions regarding that.

Hello! My name is Tom. I joined the Wizzair VA staff in January 2021, where I am now in charge of creating exciting routes to fly on. I’m a Grade 5 pilot on IF, and I will soon be a member of IFAE. I look forward to welcoming you on board. Ta-ra!

We offer 8 simple ranks to ensure our pilots find it fun, but also have a good experience grinding for their respective ranks. From Wizzair Cadet to Purple Encore, we have flexible ranks ensuring our Pilots will be rewarded at every stage.


Wizz Air Cadet - 0-20h
You start out by flying the A320.

First Officer - 20-100h
Unlocks the A321.

Captain - 100-250h
Unlocks our DC-10F used for cargo operations, plus all the codeshare routes, operated with the Embraer E-Jets; 737, A320 and CRJ families of aircraft.

Senior Captain - 250-500h
Unlocks all codeshare routes, operated with the 757, 757 and A330 families of aircraft.

Pink Encore - 500-700h
You are now eligible for a 1.3x flight time multiplier on all your flights.

Blue Encore - 700-900h
You are now eligible for a 1.4x flight time multiplier on all your flights, and unlock all codeshare routes, operated with the 747, A350, 777 and 787 families of aircraft.

White Encore - 900h+
You are now eligible for a 1.5x flight time multiplier on all your flights. You also get to pick one ROTW every week. How cool is that!

Aircraft Airline Rank
TBM-930 Generic Student Pilot (Training program only)
Airbus A320-232 Wizz Air Wizz Air Cadet
Airbus A321-231 Wizz Air Wizz Air First Officer
McDonnell-Douglas DC-10F Generic Captain (Substitute for the A330F)

Wizzair Virtual offers over a massive 1900 mainline routes from which you can choose from in our network, from the less known European cities to the Middle East desert. Come join us to fly and take part in our extensive route network. For our operations, we have split our route network in 6 parts. These consist of Wizz Air Hungary, Wizz Air UK, Wizz Air Abu Dhabi, Wizz Air Cargo, Wizz Air Historic (Work in progress) and Miscellaneous. With many hubs you can station at, it’s our guarantee that you will never be bored surfing the skies in our colours. Take a look at our hubs below!

Wizz Air UK

Wizz Air UK utilizes London Luton airport (IATA: LTN; ICAO: EGGW) as its main hub. From there, we offer many routes across Europe - from the largest and most well-known cities to little holiday getaways across the continent.

London Luton offers a unique experience, with many airlines such as EasyJet and Ryanair operating daily flights out of the airport, it’s clear to see why it’s a favored due to it’s proximity to London and it’s connectivity. As it’s not too far from London, it offers a low-cost option for those looking to spend less than normal to enjoy sightseeing or just returning home to family. Wizzair UK is one of our most popular networks, we hope to see you pilots fly this network.

Useful Links:
Wizz Air UK - Wikipedia
Wizz Air Route Map and Destinations - FlightConnections.com

Wizz Air Hungary

Wizz Air Hungary is based in Budapest (IATA: BUD; ICAO: LHBP), the capital of Hungary. From there, you can fly to breathtaking cities across the continent. From the popular Paris to the unknown Zaporizhzhya, we can guarantee you a fun and diverse route network. And that’s not even all, Wizzair Hungary also has bases in 54 other cities all across Europe. This adds on to the diverse route network we offer.

Useful Links:
Wizz Air - Wikipedia
Wizz Air Route Map and Destinations - FlightConnections.com

Wizz Air Abu Dhabi

Wizz Air Abu Dhabi is based in none other than Abu Dhabi airport (IATA: AUH; ICAO: OMAA). It’s also a Wizz Air subsidiary with the aim of connecting the beautiful city of Abu Dhabi with Wizz Air’s European network.

For the regular tourist, the tall skyscrapers are going to be really appealing and for the passionate of automobiles or airplanes, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and Abu Dhabi Air Show are definitely worth the detour. It’s best to visit Abu Dhabi during the spring or autumn, as it gets unbearably hot during the summer.

Abu Dhabi airport is really big as it spreads over 3400 hectares. It features 2 runways and 3 passenger terminals. Etihad and Wizzair Abu Dhabi are based there, along with many other airlines who regularly operate there such as Air Arabia, Turkish Airlines or Air India.

Useful Links:
Wizz Air Abu Dhabi - Wikipedia
Wizz Air Abu Dhabi Route Map and Destinations - FlightConnections.com

If you’d like to check out our full routes network, you can follow this link.

We are proud to have 7 codeshare partners as of now. We have over 200 routes total, which already adds on to our big network of routes.

Here is our codeshare fleet:

Aircraft Airline Unlocks at rank:
C208 TNVA Captain
CRJ2 UVAL Captain
CRJ7 UVAL Captain
E175 UVAL Captain
E190 AYVA, TNVA Captain
A318 AIBVA Captain
A319 AYVA, IBVA, UVAL Captain
A330 AFLV, AYVA, IBVA, PRVA Senior Captain
A350 AIBVA, IBVA, PRVA, UVAL Blue Encore
B737-700 UVAL Captain
B737-800 UVAL Captain
B737-900 AFLV, UVAL Captain
B757-200 UVAL Senior Captain
B767-300 UVAL Senior Captain
B777-200ER UVAL Blue Encore
B777-300ER AFLV, PRVA Blue Encore
B787-8 UVAL Blue Encore
B787-9 UVAL, TNVA Blue Encore
B787-10 UVAL Blue Encore

Are you convinced to join our team? Anyone who meets the set requirements we have is free to apply providing that they fly and act safely and maturely!

Our requirements:

  • Must be Grade 3 and has no more than 50% landing/violation ratio.
  • Must have a valid subscription and a legal copy of IF.
  • Must agree to comply with the IFC and IFVARB rules.
  • Must be able to respect others.
  • Must have a Discord account, or be willing to make one.
  • Must be 14 year old or above.

Grade 2 situations:

Grade 2 pilots will be considered on a case-by-case scenario. Training will be provided until they reach Grade 3 status on Infinite flight which allows them to begin as a Wizzair Cadet. The training usually consists of:

  • Pattern Work to get Landing count up
  • IFATC practice (WZZVA is proud to announce 4 members of the IFATC)
  • General understanding of aviating an aircraft
  • Our Chief Pilot will provide any other necessary means to get that pilot to a Grade 3

What we want in future pilots:

Our pilots must show qualities of high level maturity and respect for others; we want to provide a safe environment for those on the expert server and don’t want to tarnish the excellent reputation of ‘expert’ flying. Pilots, as well as staff, must be welcoming and polite and must not break any guidelines on the forum. Anybody who is misbehaving will face disciplinary actions (anywhere from a talking to, to suspension to a permanent ban and possible reports to the IFVARB).

Our application process:

Upon joining Wizz Air Virtual, future members will be required to take a written test judging their knowledge of real world and infinite flight operations. To pass, you’ll be required to get 10 out of 13 questions correct to pass and join WZZVA.

Once you are approved by our recruiter, you’ll have access to our crew center. We use VANet’s Flare for our crew center, developed by @KaiM, @rebal15 and others. It is a perfect option for both our staff and pilots, as it allows everything to be tidy and user-friendly. Upon joining, a staff member will walk you through the registering process and working with the crew center system.

After that, you will be sent an invitation link to the VA’s Discord server. Once that is clear, you will officially be a Wizzair Virtual pilot!

Apply here!


Please note that Wizz Air Virtual is a non-profit organization officially approved and acknowledged by the Infinite Flight Virtual Airline Regulatory Board. All logos, brand names, and pictures belong to their respective owners. Wizzair Virtual is not affiliated with the real-life Wizz Air, Infinite Flight, or any other organization. If you’d like to visit Wizz Air’s official website, follow this link.

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Wonderful thread! Can’t wait to have pilots and enjoy this VA and represent in a proud way ☺️☺️


This looks like an amazing thread! This VA (and the staff team behind them) are just an amazing bunch of people. I would highly recommend joining, you won’t be disappointed!


Can’t wait to apply!!!


So happy to be staff of WZZVA. Hope to se you all in this amazing VA.

Events Manager


nice thread just applied @WizzVirtual


Incredible work to everyone at WZZVA, and especially Max! It was a pleasure to see this VA ‘take off’ (pun intended). Glad I was able to help, and best of luck!


So happy to see Wizzair Virtual approved, can’t wait to see what you guys have planned in the future!


Wow, such a brilliant advert thread for everyone to know what Wizzair Virtual is about for the IFC.
I have say hats off to the staff esp @MaxTheBandit and @RomeoStuff24 for their dedication to make WZZVA a virtual reality! Today it happened!
Every member of staff who joined prior to the approval did their part in every way and I thank them for making me feel part of the WZZVA family. Cheers!
Now I can’t wait to get started. Hope to see you really soon! 😎

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Wow, amazing thread. Congrats guys! :D

Philippine Airlines Virtual
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Congratulations WizzVA,great thread!


Congratulations and welcome to the VA world


Applied. Nice thread, congratulations on approval!


Nice Thread! Congratulations on being Approved.

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What an Amazing thread, welcome to the community and congratulations on your approval. We wish your staff team and pilots all the best

Robert T
Virgin Virtual Group


I am so proud to finally see this thread public.
The adventure is now about to start and promises to be amazing !

Thanks guys for all your hardwork, it was a pleasure doing this with you.

Now, let’s fill in with pilots, turn on the seatbelts sign and fly 😍


Welcome to the VA world, Wizzair Virtual! The LOTV staff team wishes you a successful future.

Founder & CEO of LOT Virtual


Stunning thread 🤩


Fantastic thread and it looks like a great va!


You should join and fly with me Liam ;)