Wizzair Trip

Very nice trip with Wizzair from

Budapest To London Gatwick

Flight time: 2:40 min

Server: Casual

Enjoyed the flight some lovely Wing views With the fresh clouds up there.

Please friends enjoy these pics


I love all pictures ! Great flight !

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Thank you so much for your appreciation sir 💯

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Amazing pics, special like to the last one!

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Thank you so much for your appreciation 💯


Nice shots !

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Thank you so much

Lovely pictures…I would love the first one if it would have been flying. Other than that ai also like the last one. Just a small suggestion try to tweek the time to find a beautiful scenic picture…learnings from my experience


These were my absolute favourite pics from my flight…do you like them?


Thank you for you appreciation and suggestions

I always leave the Time real as I do the flight for much more realism

You have great pics as well I really like them

Alright thanks anyways

Love the bright colors in your photos. Crispy and clear, and nice perspectives 🤩

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Nice shots, they’re all wonderful!

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Nice pictures 💙🛩

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Thank you so much much for your’s nice words dear friends hope you all doing great

Remember always enjoy your flight and the views

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