WizzAir Abu Dhabi commencing operations

Today, the long-awaited launch flight of WizzAir Abu Dhabi happened. An A321neo flew the passengers from Abu Dhabi to Athens and back. The flight got lots of attention, because tickets, for this flight amongst others, were sold for under one $. WizzAir Abu Dhabi is set to operate mostly leisure flights from and to Abu Dhabi and plans are to expand their fleet to 50 by 2030. As of now WizzAir Abu Dhabi starts with 4 Airbus A320 and will offer flights to Alexandria, Odessa, Katowice, Athens, and others. Besides that WizzAir Abu Dhabi is already looking to expand its route network to destinations like Tel Aviv.

WizzAir is a joint venture between the city of Abu Dhabi and WizzAir and targets the same market as its mother company does.
In my opinion, this will be very interesting, as a true and experienced low-cost carrier enters the low-cost business in the UAE, putting pressure on FlyDubai and Air Arabia, which will have to adapt to this aggressive competitor. WizzAir aims to quadruple its passengers with the help of WizzAir Abu Dhabi.

Wizz Air clouds

Do you think it will succeed?


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