WizzAir a321 (100th airbus livery)

I’m here to request the special airbus livery for wizzair which in my opinion looks really neat! wizz Air currently operates 30 airbus a321ceos. This special livery got painted on their newest airbus a321 wich is theirs 100rd aircraft in the fleet, why I want this aircraft. Well first of all I am ambassador in the newly developed wizz va and I have always loved their bright and flashy livery suits the airbus very well ! Especially this special livery

Picture is not mine all credit to https://www.airliners.net/user/simo348/profile/photos

Looks pretty cool.

Some things I would include to grab the audiences attention:

Add some more Info on the Livery
Airline itself
Why you want it

And anything else you may want. Other then that, great livery request!


A321ceo means “current engine option” – basically the current A321s flying around today but not with the new engines (neo). :)


Oh, sorry about that, that rings a bell now that you mentioned it, I thought it was a mistake in neo… (Also should have been tipped off by that fact that the picture is not a neo…)

Thanks for pointing that out!

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Take a look now hope it’s enough

Nice one. We need more special liveries for the A321.