WizzAir a320 livery problem

Hello guys i found a livery problem with WizzAir a320 livery. The plane used in Infinite Flight is HA-LYR and in the simulator he doesnt have wizzair.com label on the sharklets. But in real life HA-LYR has sharklets with wizzair.com label. Here are some pictures!


Oh great catch this happens sometimes but I think it will be fixed soon

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They have known about this for a while now. They also missed the WizzAir text on the engine cowling as well. This same problem can be found on the Transavia livery which is missing the T logo on the winglet. They said that these are noted internally but I really don’t think will be fixed anytime soon.


On the other hand the Wizz A321 is correctly painted.

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Forgive me for asking, but how do you accidentally “miss” these things? Like surely they intentionally left those texts out, because you don’t just “miss” some text on the winglets or on the side of the engine. Otherwise they did a pretty darn poor job of replicating the livery.


The livery right now on this Aircraft is just 🤮

This probably is a Small bug in the game and should be Fixed!;)

It’s been there for a couple of years. It’s unlikely it will be fixed anytime soon, but it is noted internally within the IF dev team.


Right:) It will take quite a while then!

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