Wizz in LIPE?

So I’m in Bologna waiting for my flight, and right here is a Wizz A319-200 I believe…? Didn’t they cease operation in this January? Or was it a different airline? I believe it was Wizz Air. Thank you for future responses.IMG_20190617_071705143

Not sure, but I know Wizz Air is still operating. Maybe it’s WOW air that you are thinking about. They ceased operations at the end of March.

Your thinking about WOW air.

But it is easy to confuse them. I don’t blame you.

Got it, sorry for the mistake, you’re right, it was WOW Air

Nice photo by the way.

Don’t be sorry. Two very similar airlines, with similar colour pallets for the liveries.

Thank you, it’s just my phone lol

Thanks everybody