Wizz Air Virtual - Official Thread [now accepting pilot applications]

Welcome to our new, redesigned official Infinite Flight Community thread as the new home of Wizz Air Virtual (WAV)

Wizz Air Virtual (founded in September 2017) is an IFVARB certified and approved Virtual Airline and although we have no affiliations with the real-world Wizz Air, we aim to mimic this wonderful, Eurpoean low-cost airline’s operations within the world of Infinite Flight.

Looking for a European, low-cost airline with a fresh approach to the business with a possibility of further expanding operations?

Look no further, we are here!

’Welcome to the world of (Infinite) opportunities’ - Wizz Air Virtual

Jeno Farkas
Founder and CEO of Wizz Air Virtual

Our Mission

Wizz Air Virtual is an equal opportunity and responsible Virtual Airline within the Infinite Flight Community, aiming to provide a safe environment, free from inequality, racism and any sort of harassment for our immediate members as well as for the members of the Community. All members are treated on the “treat everyone as you wish to be treated” approach on their merits, without regard to race, age, sex or other factors not applicable to their position. Members are valued according to how well they perform their duties and their ability and enthusiasm to maintain Wizz Air Virtual’s standards of service. Wizz Air Virtual willing to provide support in areas its members need attention, from ATC usage to basic piloting skills.

At Wizz Air Virtual, everyone is equal and everyone matters. Ideas, individual interests, challenges. Opportunities. Ups and downs. We are here to from a group where members leave no-one behind.

From Leader board members to fresh starter pilots, everyone has their role that will make Wizz Air Virtual better than it was yesterday.
From individual interests and ideas to company affiliated matters, everyone has their voice listened to.

We are trying to make a difference. Be part of it.

Be part of Wizz Air Virtual, the world of Infinite opportunities.

Our Staff

Wizz Air Virtual’s core is in its pilots. Without them, we would be nothing, however, there are some necessary positions WAV needs to have to support our hard working pilots in their day-to-day operations.

Our CEO : @Jeno_Farkas
Our COO : @Aleks_Hancock
Our Head of ATC : @Dean.Gibson
Our Chief Pilot: @Cedric_Lim
Our Events Manager : currently Vacant, though we do not accept applications yet

We are currently looking for active pilots, who are willing to share our passion for Wizz Air

Our Requirements
  • you have a legal copy of Infinite Flight
  • you are not restricted from accessing Expert server (you are not permanently banned)
  • you are able to file at least one flight log in every 7 days (screenshot of outside view at destination airport with flight time, used fuel in lbs displayed in the status bar whilst in map view), posted both on Slack and logged into our Crew Centre.
  • you have been an active member of the Community for at least 3 months (reduced from 6 months)
  • you have a valid Live/Live+/Pro subscription
  • you are at least 14 years old

Our rules can be found here, and our ranking system here.

If you consider joining us, please register on our site by clicking here

A little guide for the registration:

It is mandatory to include the link to your IFC profile in the registration comments box. Applications without this will be automatically rejected.

Suggested, optional extras for the best flying experience:

  • legal copy of Infinite Pax (make sure you include you PAX username in your application, so we can invite you to Wizz Air Virtual there as well)
  • legal copy of IF-Assistant
  • VirtualHub
  • LiveFlight or Infinite Tracker
  • SimBrief account
Our Operations

We set up our HQ in Budapest (LHBP), just like the real-world Wizz Air, with additional Hubs around Europe. Our aim is to mimic the operations of Wizz Air in the world of Infinite Flight as realistically as we possibly can.

Our operations currently consist of two options with a possibility of further extensions:

1. Wizz Air Airline operations
This is the most important part for us as a VA. We operate routes inbound and outbound from our HQ and Hubs, mainly in Europe, reflecting the real world operations of Wizz Air.

2. GA Club
Taking into account the need of certain number of landings and XP to maintain or to reach higher grades in IF live, we decided to offer a facility for our members with the foundation of our GA Club with a base of operation at Southampton (EGHI), which now has been extended to Budapest (LHBP), although flight time of GA Club operations will not count toward any individual’s flight records (*subject to change depending on demand). The GA Club itself is an addition to the overall VA experience (most real-life pilots fly GA aircrafts in a Club or as an individual in their free time).

3. Tours
We have plans for multi-leg Tours outside of normal operations, which will give our pilots the opportunity to fly around the world in a Wizz Air aircraft.

All our operations, including the GA Club, fully supported in Infinite PAX as an additional extra.

Our Fleet

The real-world Wizz Air operates its routes using Airbus A320 and A321 aircrafts. According to online sources, Wizz Air has 86 aircrafts in its fleet. We are managed to add these aircrafts into our VAM2.6.2 based Crew Centre, with their real world registrations. As an addition to this 86 aircrafts, we have also integrated an additional 200 aircrafts with fictional registrations to provide 100% coverage to our pilots at any time they wish to fly one of Wizz Air’s routes, especially as our Crew Centre simulates aircraft wear, which, after reaching a certain aircraft condition level, sends the aircraft into simulated maintenance leaving pilots stranded at their last destination.

Infinite Flight currently have the latest Wizz Air livery for the Airbus A320 only, therefore the A321 operated routes to be used with a gereric A321 aircraft. Hopefully, in the near future, FDS will add the Wizz Air livery to the A321 as well. If you are willing to support this request, please vote here.

Our GA Club has access to the Cessna 172, Cessna 208 generic, Cirrus SR22 GTS generic and the Cessna Citation X.

Further details of our fleet can be found here.

Our Routes


We currently have over 1100 flights included in our Crew Centre, based on all the routes we could find on Wizz Air’s official website. These routes can be found here.

With over 144 destinations, from Europe to Israel and the United Arab Emirates, you will have Infinite opportunities from short haul flights to medium haul ones.

We are currently working on all the integrated routes to have proper, Infinite Flight supported flight and fuel plans, with real world flight numbers and departure times, to make the experience as close to the real Wizz Air flights as we possibly can which could possibly result in more routes with different departure times. Thanks to the time system of Infinite Flight, the simulation time can be adjusted to match the local time of your departure giving you the best possible flight experience no matter what time of the day you are able to fly.

Communication and Social Media

Our main channel of communication is the Infinite Flight Community, through our new official thread.

Other communication channels we use:

  • Slack, Discord - for team communications (invitations will be sent out after accepted membership applications)
  • Facebook group (for members only)
  • Twitter – Event updates, promotions, other announcements (under construction)
  • Instagram – Event photoshoots, photo contests (under construction)

Thank you for your time reading our official thread.

If you have any questions, please leave your comment below or send a DM to @Jeno_Farkas

Please feel free to visit our website, combined with our Crew Centre, by clicking the link below.


Thanks to @Cameron, you can track Wizz Air flights on Live Flight by clicking here.

An imaginary day of a Wizz Air Virtual pilot, from morning after evening:



Very cool, congrats! Do you guys have a website?

Best of luck to you, but where’s all the details? Website, careers opportunities, unique points and fleet aircraft? It’s all missing and you need it here to lure folk in buddy!

I am in, Although I am already a member of Virtual Airline.

That’s ok - i’m part of BAVA and the COO at WizzAir, as long as you dont forget about one of the VA’s and you distribute your time across them evenly there’s no problem.

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Accidentally the thread went live before I have finished editing as a result of a wrong key combo. All the details are there now. :D

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That won’t be an issue, the requirements aren’t really strict. ;)

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Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen,

After much consideration I have decided to change the application process for those who wish to join us as pilots. The rules page on our site will be updated later on today to reflect these changes.

The new process now can be found in the OP under the Our Requirements section.

Please do not forget to include the link to you IFC profile in the registration form’s comment box and make sure you register with a valid email address as our slack invitation and messages from the Crew Centre booking/PIREP system will be sent to the email address you’ve registered with!

If you have any questions in regards of Wizz Air Virtual, do not hesitate to contact @Aleks_Hancock or myself at any time. We try to get back to you as soon as possible!

Thank you for your attention!

Jeno Farkas
Wizz Air Virtual


Again - if anyone has any queries about the VA or how we do things, Plz don’t hesitate to ask me or Jeno! And If your into small European airports, and want to get away from the hustle and bustle of large and busy airports like Heathrow, Frankfurt, Munich, Amsterdam and many more, i urge you to try WizzAir VA and discover Europe from a completely different perspective!

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Wizz Air Virtual First Event

Sign up and be part of the event, and discover what Wizz Air Virtual is like.
Hope to see as many of you as possible.

Thanks for the support
COO Alex Hancock
Wizz Air Virtual

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Hi All,

Just as a small announcement, Infinite Passangers has released Wizz Air Sounds! I look forward to using them and for some who once said they didn’t like the lack of sounds for Wizz Air, your worries have been filled and it’s been added!

Safe Flying Everyone!
COO Alex Hancock
Wizz Air Virtual


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