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Hi guys! I’ve just applied! I’m just curious, how many hungarian pilots are there. :)


We have some. You’ll see the numbers soon! The more the merrier, right?


A wonderful VA to be apart of 🙂🥂


Great thread !! Clean and Beautiful :) Best of Luck !


@Jeno_Farkas is the CEO, might want to give him a PM :)


Well, I’m surprised this hasn’t been publicly announced but Wizzair Virtual has officially ceased all operations. I think the time has come for this thread to be closed.
Thank you so much for the fun flights and memories. WZZVA will always have a place in my heart ❤️.

Umm thanks for the abrupt ending? I mean could we at least come out with an official statement or at least a professional one?

I don’t mean to be rude, but it’s a little odd to me how this happens… If you can’t handle your VA any more, wouldn’t you pass it to the next member in line? Instead of just cessions entirely?

Is this connected to the other VA shutdowns that occurred today?

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Yes, a bit odd to see 2 medium sized VAs die abruptly today. In addition to IFHUB (Although it was a publicity stunt so)

bada bum bum bum

Another one bites the dust

But really… why has this and FDXVA ended so suddenly? At least continue operations with someone else as CEO or something like that…


WizzAir Virtual actually announced this in their slack and has been closed for 5 days now. (Since October 7, 2020) It is very sad to hear about such an amazing VA not with us anymore. During its 3+ years here as a VA the VA logged over 5,000 hours, traveled 1.67 million nautical miles, and logged over 1500 flights. Jeno, the VA Founder, CEO, and dedicator to all its pilots, wishes the best to everyone and hopes that someone starts a new chapter in the WizzVA world, a chapter brighter than ever.


Oh no this is sad I loved my time at Wizz! Maybe one day they will come back :(


There is no surprise in there. It is not something to celebrate and I was trying to avoid the spotlight. The simple reason is most of the posts below yours, plus the fact that I was at work and haven’t had the time. As a side note though, you shouldn’t have made this announcement at all, especially not by bumping this thread.

Somehow I can’t recall your name as one of the final members of the VA. Would that have been the case you would have known what is going on. The official closure happened 48 hours after I contacted IFVARB, which listed the VA as inactive, technically on my request (in a way). I felt no need nor reason to run around with announcements, especially as it was hard for me even without that. Those who have been effected were addressed on the VA slack. I’ll get back to this further down.

Yeah, I guess, but you sound like that. I believe you don’t know anything about the VA or me, what happened since the start of the VA until its recent closure. You also don’t know anything about how the VA operated behind the scenes. VAs appear and disappear every now and then, with or without reasons. I have my reasons but I am not obliged to share details, even if it sounds harsh or rude.

Ideally, yes. Our case was different, for different reasons. As most of the VA related accounts and services are linked to my personal ones, it would have been harder to pass on anything without sharing my credentials. Workarounds available, but then it would have effected my other linked services if I was to make any changes. I think at least this part is understandable even without knowing the whole story and also if I am not willing to openly share details behind my decision. I won’t quote your last question, but I can confirm that we have had no connection with the other VA which also ceased operations.

It is unfortunately and I always felt sad when I saw fellow VA leaders closing their VA’s down. Trust me when I say that I’ve put loads of manhours into this VA and I was the last person since the beginning who would choose the “easy way out”, hence the VA was up for over 3 years, regardless all the struggles… However, I felt that it would be selfish to keep the VA rather than giving someone else the opportunity to build something even more awesome on their own terms and run it better than I possibly could. Not to continue to run it in its current form, but to give the airline a clean sheet, a different approach in terms of rules and everything. I felt it would be more beneficial for the community if the VA would go back into the pool to await for a fresh start. I felt and still feel heartbroken but there are times when it is more appropriate to put ourselves aside and make decisions for the greater good. I took into consideration the feelings of all the active members that were in the VA until the last minute and though I felt really sorry for them and I also felt terrible, I carried on with the closure with hopes that one day Wizz Air will be soaring the Infinite Skies in a much greater glory.

As I’ve mentioned above, some services were tied to my personal accounts and although a transfer could have likely been possible , I have made the decision to close the VA down in its current form.

Yes, we did, or actually, I personally did. As far as I know you have not been an active member of the VA’s slack at the time I’ve made the announcement, so it makes me wonder how/when/where you get this from and what made you think that a personal announcement directed to actual members of the VA would be appropriate to share on here? I do understand your intentions with it but I think you have not had any right to do so. This might sound harsh/rude to you, but I can’t express how “not happy” I am about it.

Thank you so much! We enjoyed every minute you’ve spent with us!

I think I replied to everything. Sad that I had to do it this way rather than the way I wanted this to actually happen. I wish you all the best and if you wish to continue any discussions you can always contact me via DM. Anytime!