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Welcome to Wizz Air Virtual

the World of Opportunities


Now we can all fly!

Wizz Air Virtual is a European low-cost Airline. Our mission is to mimic the real world operations of Wizz Air and Wizz Air UK, utilising their fleet of Airbus A320, A321 and A321NEO aircraft.

We are also offering the opportunity to our members to have fun flying around with our GA Club, recreate flights of the late Malev and SkyEurope, opt-in to weekly special cargo runs with BudCargo as well as to become a part of our new addition, WizzJet, which is our brand new, invite-only Corporate Divison.

Wizz Air Virtual was founded by @Jeno_Farkas in August 2017 and received its IFVARB Approved status two weeks later in September 2017 . Wizz Air Virtual started its operations during the pre-global times of Infinite Flight in the London, Amsterdam and Paris regions.

From flights in pre-global regions to a schedule system based on real world operations, Wizz Air Virtual came a long way to become what it is today.

More about Our Story

After the release of Global, Wizz Air Virtual made an attempt to gather all the route and fleet details of the real world Wizz Air to mimic its operations in the skies of Infinite Flight.

Starting with only a couple of spreadsheets we soon realised that we need to have a better and more user/member friendly solution to be able to provide flight details as well as to keep records of our pilots’ flights. We moved from spreadsheets to VAM then to phpvms which is now our daily driver for virtual airline operations.

Wizz Air, in real life (founded in 2003) is a Hungarian low-cost airline with its head office in Budapest, Hungary. The airline serves many cities across Europe, Israel and the United Arab Emirates.
It has the largest fleet of any Hungarian airline, although it is not a flag carrier (it was Malév, until it ceased operation in 2012) . Wizz Air currently serves 42 countries and has the second lowest CASK (cost per available seat km) among European airlines.

More about Wizz Air

Wizz Air , one of Europe’s fastest growing airlines , and the leading low cost carrier in Central and Eastern Europe, was named The Best Low-Cost Carrier of the Year in 2019 . The award was handed over at the Aviation Industry Awards Europe gala, part of Air Convention Europe 2019 in Vilnius on 17 September.

Wizz Air UK has been announced in November 2017 as Wizz Air’s British division to be based at London Luton and taking advantage of a number of take-off and landing slots acquired from Monarch Airlines when the latter entered administration in 2017. It was expected that the airline will launch operations in March 2018 using British registered aircraft. Wizz Air UK has started to take over the flights to the UK that were previously operated by Wizz Air.

Wizz Air and Wizz Air UK operates a fleet which consists of Airbus 320s, Airbus A321s and Airbus A321NEOs.

Abu Dhabi Developmental Holding Company, ADDH, announced on 2nd March 2020 that it concluded the definitive agreement with its partner Wizz Air Holdings, Europe’s fastest growing and greenest airline, to jointly establish Wizz Air Abu Dhabi.

The low-cost airline is set to launch its operations at Abu Dhabi International Airport in Fall 2020.
The agreement is a major milestone in the launch of Wizz Air Abu Dhabi, a new Emirati low-cost airline based in the UAE’s capital.

Wizz Air Abu Dhabi plans to start operations in the second half of the year, bringing low fares paired with a high-quality on-board experience to a range of destinations across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. source


MALÉV Ltd. (Hungarian: Malév Zrt.), which did business as MALÉV Hungarian Airlines (Hungarian: Magyar Légiközlekedési Vállalat , abbreviated MALÉV , pronounced ['m?le?v]), was the flag carrier of Hungary from 1946 until 2012.

More about Malév

Its head office was in Budapest, with its main hub at Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport. The airline flew to over 50 cities in 34 countries with a fleet of 22 aircraft. Malév joined the Oneworld alliance on 29 March 2007. On 3 February 2012, Malév ceased operations and on 14 February 2012 was declared insolvent by the Metropolitan Court of Budapest.

download (1) download (2) download (4) download111


SkyEurope Airlines was a low-cost airline headquartered in Bratislava, with its main base at Bratislava Airport in Bratislava, Slovakia, and another base in Prague.

More about SkyEurope

2007 marked a year of growth and change for SkyEurope. The airline opened a base at Vienna International Airport in March 2007, placing two new 737-700s operating sixteen routes. In October 2007, SkyEurope closed its hubs in Kraków and Budapest, thus reallocating its aircraft to the hubs in Prague and Vienna.

The carrier filed for bankruptcy on 31 August 2009 and suspended all flights on 1 September 2009.

The airline operated short-haul scheduled and charter passenger services.

We have tried many Virtual Airline Management Systems and options to find the one that is the best for us to be able to accommodate everything we wanted to do and we have failed big countless times. These failures were due to host issues or incomplete installers or discontinued php support.

After months of work and excessive testing, we finally made our choice and managed to make our VMS to work. It is based on phpvms 5.5.2 with a fully customised (and therefore unique) Mark Swan CrewCenter skin and a handful of useful simpilotgroup modules and we named it WizzCrew.

A little teaser of our Pilot Dashboard

WizzCrew features

Real world Wizz Air schedule with flight numbers, callsings, dep/arr times and FR24 links
Custom LiveFlight map
Unique/Custom Navigation menu
Unique/Custom Dashboard
Custom Timetable module displaying all schedules by departure airports
Advanced Fleet manager
Rank and Awards (Career) module
Rules and Regulations module
FAQ modue (WIP)
Flight planning helper links
Ventusky weather module
Non-flown routes module (shows which routes a pilot haven’t flown from the schedule)
HUB change request module
Event manager
Exam Center
Screenshot Center
Top Pilots
Upgraded VA Finances module

Updated with March 2020 schedules!

Now we can all fly!

Our Mainstream Operations are focusing on Wizz Air’s and Wizz Air UK’s real world schedules. Currently we operate based on the March 2020 timetables.

More about the Mainstream Operations

Our mainstream schedule of over 2000 flights, serving over 160 airports are mimicking the real world operations of Wizz Air and Wizz Air UK, based on their latest, March 2020 flights’ schedule. We are planning to keep our databases up to date by following the real world operational changes of Wizz Air. Our pilots are required to book their flights and file one PIREP every 30 days to remain active in WizzCrew. For a little added realism, WizzCrew will only allow pilots to book flights on the day of their real life days of operations.
From Autumn 2020, when Wizz Air Abu Dhabi officially launches, we will add its schedules to our mainstream operations to provide an even larger amount of routes to fly under the Wizz Air colours. Until then we are trying to implement some expeditionary flights based on the planned routes to give all of our members a taste of the future WAAD routes.

Wizz Air Virtual also provides additional flight operations: Legacy Operations, GA Club, Cargo Operations and Corporate Services through WizzJet to our pilots, giving them access to a large variety of additional routes and different fleet.

More about the Legacy Operations

Under Legacy Operations, Wizz Air Virtual Pilots are able to fly 335 discontinued Wizz Air routes, 52 Malév routes with the Q400/CRJ2/B717/B737/B767 as well as 100 SkyEurope routes (based on a timetable flyer from 2005) with the B737BBJ.

Malév routes

Routes Total: 25181 miles | Routes Average: 630 miles


SkyEurope routes

Routes Total: 59709 miles | Routes Average: 597 miles

Legacy Operations and Discontinued Routes extended our mainstream operations with over 500 additional routes to serve over 20 additional airports.

More about the GA Club

Having fun is a must at Wizz Air Virtual!
While flying a jetliners over Europe is amazing, sometimes we all need to get a bit away from “work”. Our GA Club gives everyone the opportunity to join fellow Wizz Air Pilots in some short, fun or even challenging flights using our GA fleet, featuring the C172, C208, SR22, TBM9 and the new CC19.

More about the Cargo Operations

Our new Cargo Operations, named Budapest Cargo (BudCargo), will give our pilots access to the A332, the B77F and the B748 from the start, with future plans of adding more cargo-only airframes to our operations. We are currently designing and re-designing a whole set of routes to make them available for cargo-only operations providing a wide variety of medium, long haul and ultra-long haul routes.

BudCargo routes

To Be Announced

More about WizzJet

WizzJet is an invite-only Corporate Division within Wizz Air Virtual. Pilots, who show exceptional dedication will be granted access to 7 additional aircraft and special flights / challenges as an appreciation for their dedication.

WizzJet routes / flights / challenges

Classified :D


In-Flight Operations - A MUST HAVE

We are proud users and supporters of John Goering’s (aka @epaga) In-Flight Operations app and we require our pilots to provide IF-O reports after every Wizz Air Virtual flight.

How we use In-Flight Operations

A sample IFO report:

We use the reports generated by IF-O during the PIREP validation as well as add extra information into our system. For example, landing rates provided by IF-O help us to monitor pilot performance as well as create in-house competitions with future plans for hosting Community Landing Competitions as well. We also highly recommend our members to use In-Flight Assistant as well for the best possible flight experience!

Wizz Air Virtual currently has 25 hubs.

+1 for WAAD

Main Hubs

LHBP - Wizz Air / WizzJet / BudCargo
EGGW - Wizz Air UK
LHBP - Malev
LZIB - SkyEurope

OMAA - Wizz Air Abu Dhabi (not yet introduced, subject to change)

Additional Hubs


Hub map


Pilots can choose their HUB during their registration.
The preferred/selected hub does not limit any pilot to fly routes from different hubs and a Hub Transfer can be requested by pilots at any time, thanks to WizzCrew’s Hub Manager module.

In WizzCrew, we have over 2600 routes serving over 160 airports.

Wizz Air and Wizz Air UK flights follow the March 2020 real world schedules with days of operation, departure times and aircraft registration assignment.

More about our Routes

Wizz Air Abu Dhabi's accurate real world schedules will be added in Autumn 2020 , however, until then, we will introduce some of its routes as expeditionary flights after our researches finished.

Discontinued routes are either operational 24/7 and can be flown with either the A320 or the A321 or if they’ve become discontinued between April 2019 and March 2020 then aircraft assignments (even decommissioned registrations), days of operations and departure times would be still present in our system, alongside their original flight numbers and callsigns.

WizzJet flights and routes are to remain confidential! :) A proper route network is currently being worked on to include medium haul as well as long and ultra long haul flights using a bit more realistic approach, with some added missions and challenges.

BudCargo route network currently consists of flights between any airports served by Wizz Air Virtual. A proper route network is currently being worked on to include more medium haul as well as long and ultra long haul flights using a bit more realistic approach.

GA Club operates in a career waiver mode which allows the Club members to fly together at random locations just to enjoy GA flying as well as to discover beautiful scenery.

Malév routes for the Q400 are operated on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays while the CRJ2 routes are operated on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. For Malév flights, Sunday is the only day when original Q400 routes can be flown on the CRJ2, but the Q400 can only fly on routes that were flown on the Q400. We have recently added the B717 as our Fokker 70 alongside the B737 and the iconic B767 and its famous LHBP-KJFK direct service. We believe that the Malev fleet is now complete and will give all our members the opportunity to re-fly some of Malev’s most known and memorable routes.

SkyEurope routes follow a timetable from 2005 with assigned days of operations and departure times.

Our fleet consist of the Wizz Air A320 , A321 and A321NEO aircraft with real world registrations,
the GA Fleet for the GA Club, the Corporate Fleet for WizzJet, the Legacy Fleet for Malév and SkyEurope and the Cargo Fleet for BudCargo, and we also have a Wildcard! :)

Wizz Air Fleet

A320 and A321


Legacy Operations Fleet

Malév Q400, CRJ2 , B717, B737, B767
with the
SkyEurope B737 (same BBJ as Malév, with the IF livery)

dh8m crj2 b717b73b b767

GA Club Fleet**

C172 , C208 , CC19 , TBM9 , SR22

c172 c208 cc19 tbm9 sr22

WizzJet Fleet*

C750 , CRJ7 , A318 , B737 , B739 , B748 , MD11

crj7a318 b737 b739

BudCargo Fleet**

B77F , A332 , B748






Liveries and aircraft are subject to change

Our rank system is extremely simple.

New pilots of Wizz Air Virtual start their virtual pilot career on the rank of Wizz Cadet and are able to fly any of our A320 and A321 routes straight away, including mainstream and discontinued flights.
This means access to over 2500 flights.

More about Ranks

The GA Club requires the rank of Flight Officer (9 logged hours).

The Legacy Operations require our members to log another 9 hours (SFO) after the GA Club access. At this rank they will also gain access to the A359, which is a wildcard aircraft and can be used for any flight.

WizzJet and BudCargo requires a minimum rank of First Officer (60 hours) as well as an outstanding dedication towards Wizz Air Virtual.

Rank details
Rank Title Minimum Hours Pay Rate/Hour Can Fly
Wizz Cadet 0 $18/hr A21N, A320, A321
Junior Flight Officer 3 $24/hr All the above
Flight Officer 9 $27/hr Access to GA Club Fleet
Senior Flight Officer 18 $30/hr Access to Legacy Operations Fleet + A359*
Junior First Officer 36 $40/hr All the aircraft above
First Officer 60 $45/hr Access to WizzJet** and BudCargo fleet
Senior First Officer 100 $50/hr All the aircraft above
Captain 150 $75/hr All the aircraft above
Senior Captain 250 $100/hr All the aircraft above

*at pilot’s discretion
**subject to invitation

Our Rank System has been designed to be able to accommodate any future partnerships and to separate different airframes into our existing rank structure. This means that pilots on higher ranks could get instant access to any future partner routes/airframes and gain more hours to access airframes assigned to higher ranks.

You might wonder now: Where is the Staff section?

At Wizz Air Virtual we wanted to not operate the usual staff or c-style management system.

Every member of Wizz Air Virtual is part of the family and everyone matters the same,
regardless of ranks and positions.

Members were either Pilots or Staff. Depending on the level of contribution, staff can get different levels of access to different parts of the day-to-day operations of Wizz Air Virtual.

This though had to come to an end.

Our current staff:

@Jeno_Farkas - CEO
@JackoLewis58 - Staff
@SmartFlyer - Staff
@SkyEuro2 - Staff

Airline IFC Thread
TUI Virtual Introducing the New TUI Virtual Experience!

If you think you would like to be part of the Wizz Air Virtual Family, feel free to register in WizzCrew!

Join Wizz Air Virtual

On the linked WizzCrew page, select New Pilot Registration, read and accept the T&C then fill out the registration form! A member of our team will review your application and you’ll get a confirmation e-mail and an invitation to the Wizz Air Virtual Slack workspace!

(please make sure to register with a valid e-mail address)

We can’t wait to have you on board! ;)

Before registering, please make sure that you meet
our simple and straightforward minimum registration requirements below:

13 years of age
active IFC forum account
legal copy of Infinite Flight
legal copy of In-Flight Operations
access to Slack
preferably Grade 3 IF user (we do however accept pilots with lower grades at our discretion)
maturity at ALL times

Membership requirement are the same as above, plus:

approved registration and active account in WizzCrew
most importantly: the ability to have fun

Our Rules and Regulations, alongside the minimum registration requirements can be found prior to registration. We suggest everyone to read it before accepting it. (currently being reworked based on members’ feedback)

Thank you so much for taking your time reading through our thread.
Feel free to get in touch or comment below.
We would love to hear from you!

We are not affiliated, associated, authorised, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Wizz Air, or any of its subsidiaries or its affiliates.
The official Wizz Air website can be found at http://wizzair.com
The names Wizz Air, Wizz Air UK, Wizz Air Abu Dhabi , Malev, SkyEurope and BudCargo as well as related names, marks, emblems and images are registered trademarks of their respective owners.


Please take a few moments and rate our topic below!

Thank you very much!

Please be advised that our website is currently under development and does not reflect some recent changes. We do apologise for the inconvenience it might have caused!

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At Wizz Air Virtual you can make history too!

Wizz Air, the Hungarian low-cost carrier, has recently made history with flights that have never happened in the airline’s history before.

Aircrafts from Wizz Air’s A321Neo fleet visited



the United States

for the very first time.

Spotters in Toronto, New York, Miami, Chicago and Los Angeles have seen the Wizz Air livery for the first time ever. Wizz Air is the only Hungarian airline that visited the States since the collapse of Malév.

Wizz Air also had flights to


to transport medical supplies to Hungary,

and recently sent a fleet of 6 aircraft for another supply run.

We couldn’t resist and did what had to be done!

We are proud to announce that

the Toronto, the New York and the Chinese flights are now part of the Wizz Air Virtual Flight Schedule (using real world route details, such as flight numbers and aircraft registrations and refuelling stops) and available to all Wizz Air Virtual pilots.

Upon completion, special badges and slack profile images (thanks to @JackoLewis58) will be granted to those who decided to make history with Wizz Air Virtual in the Infinite Skies!


Nice thread guys!! All the best for the future :)


Beautiful thread! :)

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Our upcoming IFC Event participations:

Please feel free to sign up and join us on these wonderfully organised events!

Huge thanks to the organisers!

We hope to see you there!


We, the organizers of the events, would like to give you a massive thank you for the support you provided us with, it is really appreciated by all of us. That way, you’re also contributing to the fun of all attendees of the events, which they surely will appreciate.

So, Thank you, Wizz VA!

We’re looking forward to seeing you all (Wizz VA too, of course) on these events!


Love This!


Solfia fly-out in some pictures


That sneaky Ryanair :)

Wizz line

On the taxiway

Rotate… V2…

Luton touchdown

Shutdown checklist complete with @AviatorAlex @ Luton


Nice shots! Once again, thanks for agreeing to partner the event and I hope I’ll see you in some future events!

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Amazing VA, with truly wonderful features, IFO landing competitions and the integration of one of the nicest looking Crew Centers i’ve ever seen combined with a well structured ranking system give a large incentive to fly and discover unknown beautiful airports, In my case, I now see the Balkan region as a whole as one of the nicest places to fly. Airports like LWOH are beautiful but I had not heard of this prior to joining the VA. I can honestly say that my time at the VA has been very good. Thanks!

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The Evento Team created a wonderful event for us!

Please check it out and sign up here!

We hope to see you there! ;)


Wizz Air Virtual is ready
to cross the t,
dot the i
to put U in the middle!

We are happy to announce our first codeshare partner,

the amazing

TUI Virtual

IFC Thread | Instagram

Thanks to the Codeshare Agreement between the two Virtual Airlines, as of 18 APR 2020, Wizz Air Virtual and TUI Virtual pilots gained access to some amazing routes.

Thinking about a codeshare agreement with TUI Virtual? Contact them through their linked thread!

Interested in a codeshare with Wizz Air Virtual? Send us a DM! We hope to hear from you soon! ;)


This thread really impressed me, good job guys!
I’m applying, especially the fact that this airline has a very big presence in my home country!


Proud to be in this VA


We’re pleased to be able to partner with such an amazingly well run VA. Thank you for this opportunity and we hope you enjoy the routes we were able to provide. Our pilots have already jumped at the chance to fly your routes!


We have the honour. You came out of the blue and had a huge impact on the operations of Wizz Air Virtual!

Despite all the recent bad clouds, we hope that we can soar the Infinite Skies together with TUI Virtual for as long as possible! ;)

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Thanks to the brilliant suggestion we’ve received from @Trio,

we have decided to create a

demo account in WizzCrew

to make it accessible to community members to see what they are to use on a daily basis when they decide to join Wizz Air Virtual.

WizzCrew plays a key part in the day-to-day operations of Wizz Air Virtual.

Though it is far from being 100% complete, we believe it has some really great features and its own, one of a kind look already.

But… We will let you decide it youself! :)

How it works?

Follow the registration link in the first post of this topic and use the following details for login:
Email: demo@wizzvirtual.co.uk
Password: password

Like what you see?

If you like what you see and would like to be part of Wizz Air Virtual,
don’t forget to head back to the registration page and register your own, personal account. ;)

Please let us know what do you think about WizzCrew below! ;)

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You all should have a look, the crew center is extremely well made. :)


I love this VA! Very collected, professional work. The crew center is also very well developed. I hope over time as many IF fans join this great team.