Wizz Air’s pictures (A321)

Hello, This is a A321 from Wizz Air, I took these pictures in Solo because I don’t have pro-subscriptions. I was leaving Madrid to go to Los Angeles, but during the flight I had a problem so I made an emergency landing. I hope you will like the photos!

AirCraft : A321
Livery : Wizz Air
Location : Madrid airport
Time : European hours (18:22)
Route : Madrid → Los Angeles (emergency landing)
Server : Solo flight (bc i dont have the pro subscription)


Good luck getting an A321 from Madrid-LAX


Hmmm, that route doesn’t exist and I don’t think it’s a wise thing to fly that long in a A321

plus Wizz air doesn’t have any destinations in the US

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It doesn’t have to be realistic…


They don’t officially but they did “short hops” to the States for rescue flights.
I believe they went to JFK, LAX, JFK and back home…

@AviatorAlex can probably elaborate on that

Hello, great pics! But as per guidelines, the last picture has a display name, which is not allowed.

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Ah ok, I dont know that.

I think they are planning to launch US flights with A321XLR

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