Wizz Air Airbus A320neo

Wizz Air a320 NEO Request Thread

Hello IFC! Today I am requesting the Wizz Air a320 NEO. This Aircraft was delivered to Wizz Air at their HQ in Budapest Yesterday. The registration of the aircraft is HA-LJA. Despite having multiple active A321 NEO aircraft in their fleet, this is the first A320 NEO they have! I really like this livery as I think the black mask stands out!

Whilst the A320 NEO is not in Infinite Flight yet, it can be voted for Here, this request is only for if/when the a320 neo is added into IF.

The Airbus A320 NEO Is a popular aircraft which can fly significantly longer distances than the regular A320 CEO. They also burn less fuel than the A320 CEO, expanding Wizz Air’s range. Wizz are are currently flying their A321 NEO aircraft to Dubai, and there are plans for a Wizz Air Abu Dhabi subsidiary. Source: https://simpleflying.com/wizz-abu-dhabi-move/

Some Info about Wizz Air:
Wizz Air is a Hungarian Low Cost Airline with its head office in Budapest. The airline serves many cities across Europe, as well as some destinations in North Africa and the Middle East. It has the largest fleet of any Hungarian Airline, although it is not a flag carrier. Wizz Air currently serve 44 countries.

So, what do you think of this Livery? Rate it below out of five!

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If you like it, be sure to vote ;)

I really do like that livery! You have my full support.

However, I might not fly it all that much if it is added, so I don’t think I want to remove a vote so I can vote on this.

You have my support though!

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No worries! I completely understand at the moment Wizz Air are in one area of the world, however they are ever expanding!
Thanks for the support ;)

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It’s a fantastic idea however the NEO is not in IF yet and may take a bit longer to develop just adding a bit more time! Besides that great idea!
Happy Flying :D

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Thanks, I did state that here…

I made this now as it was delivered yesterday, and I really liked the look of it so thought it would be good to make a feature request. Would be amazing to have in IF!

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This looks very pretty. 😉

Might spare a vote if we will see the A320NEO coming to Infinite Flight in the coming years.

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I think it’s the best livery on the a320 NEO so far!

We would need the eA320 NEO would we not?

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Might need to make things clearer…

We would need the A320 NEO, yes. However there is no harm in making a feature request for the livery! If people would like to see it, they vote. If they don’t, then they won’t!

I agree, if devs told us tomorrow that we will be getting the A320 NEO then this could be a livery!

Sadly don’t have a vote :(

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I love the sunglasses on the windows! I hope we get the A320 Neo.


Thank you! Yes it really stands out in my opinion!

Sunglasses? I always thought it was designed to be have a bandit mask on…


That’s what people say. It looks like sunglasses to me.


Mask, Sunglasses… whatever you call it…

It looks awesome ;)

WOW, I love that mask, colour scheme is great too! Good request

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Thank you! Yes it is a very unique looking livery, especially with the mask

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Oh I loveee the mask. I’ll free up a vote for this bad boy

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Thank you so much! Appreciate it :D

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Thanks everyone who voted! It’s a great start especially for an aircraft not in IF yet