Wizz Air Airbus A320 (Old livery)

🇭🇺 Wizz Air Airbus A320-200 (Old Livery)

Credits, picture captured by PM, taken in Poznań city, Poland 2016.

See more of PM’s pictures here on Jetphotos.

About the Livery.

  • Operated by a low cost Hungarian Airline, travelling all across the European content.

  • This Airline is recognised as a series of Airbus A320 jets painted purple and pink.

  • Wizz Air operates about 68 Airbus A320s this year. Most of them are coated with the older livery.

  • The Airline’s Head Office is located in Budapest. Also their main hub.

  • The registration of this aircraft is HA-LPL.

Fun Fact: This was the very first Airline I have flown in my entire life.

About Wizz Air:

Be sure to check out the Wikipedia page if you would like to know more about the Airline:

Wizz Air’s Top Destinations by Airport in 2019.

  • Budapest - IATA: BUD, Destinations: 64

  • London Luton - IATA: LTN, Destinations: 61

  • Warsaw Chopin - IATA: WAW, Destinations: 46

  • Bucharest - IATA: OTP, Destinations: 45

  • Katowice - IATA: KTW, Deatinations: 42

Credits taken from the Wikipedia’s Page linked above

Why would I like to have this livery in Infinite Flight.

It will be great to have an increase of the Wizz Air fleet in Infinite Flight as we only have the newer livery on the A321. Still, I personally like the older livery more and it gives me plenty of memories when I was small. Also not forgetting the Airbus A320 is being developed further in Infinite Flight, adding live instrumentals when using the Airbus A320. Which makes me even happier to hear about the work the team has made.

Please note: If you like the livery, you should vote for it. Our local Polish people and Europeans love this airline a lot. Some will like it, some will prefer the newer livery.

I have flagged the older post as it is outdated and no information was given in regards of the airline.


Hey !
It would be nice to see this beauty in the next A320 family update.🙇‍♀️

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Thanks. Would love to fly this aircraft all over Europe, especially Poland! 😊

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I voted the picture.😁

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Do you prefer the sharklets version ?🤗

Good question. I prefer without the sharklets really. 👍

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I dont think there are any old livery Wizz A320s with sharklets

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The old post was made in 2016 when there was not so many rules on #features.

@NeperQiell these actually do exist in many A320’s.

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Oh nice didnt know that, i agree with you though, prefer no sharklets on this one

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I’m 1/2 Hungarian so I’d love to see this!


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Thank you so much! Every vote is appreciated and more likely to be added in the near future.

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Can I create a #features of this but with the sharklets version ?😃

I dont think it ll be worth it, cause if they ever add this, they will only add one version

Witch do you prefer…

  • With sharklets.
  • Without sharklets.

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I think this livery is better than the new one.


This deserves to be added, the new one is nice, but the old one reminds me of the very first days of wizz air! Got my vote

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I hope the sharklets or the not sharkets version is add to Infinite Flight.🙂
But what do you think about sharklets?😄

  • I care about the sharklets.
  • I “don’t really care” about sharklets.

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