Wizz Air 16th Anniversary Budapest Danube Flypasts!

Wizz Air 16th Anniversary

16 years ago today, Wizz Air launched their first ever service from Katowice to London Luton. In celebration of this, I have tried my best to replicate some flyovers Wizz Air did in an a321 in 2018! Which can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8Qq2cHTgUU

I did this on the casual server as one of the flypasts required a 270kt pass, which of course exceeds the 250kt limit - therefore I would receive violations!
Here is a map of my flight:

And Finally… the pictures!

The ‘medium’ pass, 220kts @ 250ft agl!

Next was the slow pass, 140kts @ 250ft agl with flaps 3 and gear down!

And finally, the 270kts pass at 250ft AGL, this one was extremely fun and challenging!

And to finish it off, a greaser back at Budapest!

Thank you for viewing!


That is one interesting flight. I remember that celebration! Budapest is one beautiful city to fly over. These pictures seem pretty accurate!

I remember when I first came across these stunning pictures like these.

Credits: https://hungarytoday.hu/direct-flights-us-will-lift-turnover-liszt-ferenc-airport-wizzair-launch-new-flights-44637/


Indeed! Although there are no buildings in IF, it was still lots of fun! It’s safe to say Budapest is one of the prettiest cities in Europe :)

Edit: I haven’t actually seen that flyover, the one that inspired me was the a321 one just over 2 years ago which I linked in the post! That is a lovely livery though, looks really nice with the The National Szechenyi Library in the background!