Witnessed what I thought was a late "go-around" while taxiing to my gate

I was on a flight on the taxiway headed to our gate at DFW. I always watch all the other take off and landings, because who doesn’t right? While watching this plane on final approach I noticed a plane preparing for takeoff also on what looked to be the same runway from my view. I then notice the plane that was on approach pull up, retract the gear and throttle up to what I thought was a go around. I even decided to take a picture:

Some internet sleuths found the flight, and the ATC recording and it was indeed a go-around. Can’t say I’ve ever seen one like that in person. Not sure how often they happen, but had never seen one actually happen.

The recording link of the ATC is no longer a good link dang it.


That is a steep climb.

Were you in an E190?

It was an E175

Looks like an E170/175 and that is most def a go around

MD80s have a very steep climb.

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Very true. I’ve just never seen it climb like that before. :)

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The MD80 was fairly close. When the link for the ATC recording was active, you could hear the controller quickly repeat twice for the AA flight to go-around.

Looks like an E170/175 and that is most def a go around

I haven’t heard the recording, but at least in the UK (maybe the US too?)the controller usually repeats the command, for example:

“American 347, go around I say again go around, acknowledge”

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No. The plane he was on🙄

No. the plane he was on🙄

What are you talking about? I said it looks like the plane on the go around is a mad dog and the plane @F14Doge is on looks like an E170/175

That is indeed a go around. I’ve only ever experienced one go around in person. I kind of enjoyed the experience ;)

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Jealousy attack 😳

Wow thats a steep climb!

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