Without doing anything, autopilot turned off

So I was flying HNL-ANC today, and while I was gone, this happened. This was 30 minutes after I had touched the screen.

As you can see, it spirals then goes back to normal.

Thanks for the help!


Wow! That’s crazy. Idk rly what to do


I’m asking my family if they touched anything.

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im not trying to um disrespect ur family or nothing but thats the only possible way auto pilot can turn off

Also, someone was clearly moving the camera around before the autopilot disengaged…

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I think someone in ur family did it, it shouldn’t turn off on its own unless you stall or something


That was him in replay mode right?

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It might have been because you were going so fast… (?)

Hey there!

Sorry to hear about your troubles with the autopilot disconnecting. Could you please send us the replay in order to take a deeper look at the sequence of events?

Just based on your recording, it appears as though there were attempts to reengage the autopilot once the aircraft had spun out (hence the multiple “AUTOPILOT DISENGAGED - CHECK FLIGHT PARAMETERS” messages) - so there definitely was an attempt to bring the flight back to normal, whether it was by you, or whoever else you suspect may have taken control of your device.

This is replay mode and OP is moving the camera himself in the screen recording. In-flight camera movements are not recorded in replays.


Based on your flight log, it does seem you were issued a level 1 violation (I know they’re mostly indisputable-I don’t know the policy for cases like this), however, if there was an ATC issued violation as well I’m sure it would get appealed.

Sorry for replying late. Nobody in my family did it. (That I know of)

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it doesn’t turn off if you’re going too fast, you’d get an overspeed warning then kicked out by the system


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