Withdrawn From Service

Hello everyone feel free to reply with any Aircraft that have recently been withdrawn from service thanks.

Today I just want to say a formal good good bye to two very well respected aircraft.


Delivered to Mount Cook Airlines (Air New Zealand) in 2003 ZK-MCY was the last ATR-72-500 withdrawn from the Air New Zealand fleet a couple of weeks back ZK-MCY was an iconic aircraft to me it flew me from NZCH-NZPM hundreds of times and I believe was the first ATR I flew on after Air New Zealand replaced the Q300s flying the route to the ATR. It’s last flight was on 9/02/20 from NZWN-NZCH. She was born with the Koru Pacific Wave and Died in it so long ZK-MCY and the ATR-72-500 fleet of Air New Zealand safe travels with your next owner.



ZK-OJH was the only Air New Zealand aircraft painted in the Star Alliance livery the A320-232 is among the many of Air New Zealand’s A320 international fleet being replaced by the much more modern and efficient A320/321 NEO aircraft. ZK-OJH I flew from NZCH-NZAA quite a few years back sad to see such a awesome livery gone. Though these leads to the question will Air New Zealand paint another Star Alliance Livery?

Goodbye to the iconic Air New Zealand aircraft


All Photos from Jet Photos.


No likes left but this is so sad. Qantas lost their Oneworld 747 the other day too…


Too many Iconic Aircraft being withdrawn this year. Here’s to the beautiful One World Livery 🥂

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I flew on MCU I think. She was in the pacific wave livery too. She has a new life flying for air chathams

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Soon the last Air Baltic 737s will be retired and be replaced by the A220. All of their 500s have been retired already and they are left with 3 737-300s. So glad I flew on YL-BBJ before it’ll go to the storage area.

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