With You

If you’re inbound with Approach on Expert server, DO NOT SAY with You !!Do Not request AGAIN vectors or ILS for runway of we have already responded. We have not forgotten about you, do you not see the other 20-30 that are inbound with you at the same time ? If your in that big of a hurry , fly somewhere less busy . Rant over for now. Thank you


It’s okay if we just get on the frequency and say that before we request anything right

What do you mean? I thought that if someone jumps on the Center or Approach frequencies, thats the first thing you say?

No you really shouldn’t it’s just a waste of everyone’s time.

No the first thing you state is your intentions if your then handed off to center or approach then with you can be used.

I’ll just leave this here if anyone doesn’t know how to contact a radar facility.


i have never seen anyone do that nor have I done that myself. I usually jump on the frequency, say with you so they know that I am on the frequency then let them know what my intentions are before they ask so they dont have to ask.

Me: B787FAN, with you
ATC: Roger
Me: B787FAN Requesting ILS approach runway 27 at KSAN
ATC: Expect vectors for ILS approach Rwy 27, B787FAN

And mind you that’s when I see some heavy sequencing and I know I will not be able to fly my flightplan

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Yea and that’s highly annoying for controllers as all it does is just clog up the frequency. Why state with you and then intentions 2 seconds later? Just start off with intentions.

It doesn’t make a difference it’s to make it more realistic

Because most of the time I want to fly the flightplan I created. Isnt that what With you is for?

I am on your frequency and will continue my flightplan?

That’s highly un realistic until we have clearance delivery with you shouldn’t be used on first contact.

If you wanted to follow your flight plan then why would you request an ILS approach right after?

No in real life if you contact another frequency you say with you

Yea and that’s what I’m telling you to do also

Your saying not to do it as it clogs up the frequency

The controllers know your on their frequency (with you not required) all they want know is what you want, they then give you a clearance and want you off their frequency to deal with others.

Read the tutorial and it explains it

Perhaps they need a poke button instead?


why would they have with you in the game then

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It will be like

‘Miami center, HV-9690 requesting ILS approach runway 09 at Miami International’
‘HV-9690, expeft vectors for the ILS at runway 09’
After some vectors
‘HV-9690, contact Miami approach on 121.8’
‘Contacting approach on 121.8’
THEN you say with you to approach as center is already giving you vectors

Hope it helps
/Ex-ATC officer