With which aircraft was your first IF flight and route ?

My first flight was in solo in a 172 taking off from SFO

My first flight was with the C172 from KSFO to the bottom of San Francisco bay.

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Most likely from Half Moon Bay as that was the pinnacle of starting points back when Live was first introduced. I probably just did patterns there

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I flew the A321 from KLAX - KSAN in the ANA livery. :)

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a380 from amsterdam to lelystad!!! Had no idea how to fly so crashed on landing at 350kts.

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Qantas 747 from YSSY to YSCB

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American A321, KSFO to KOAK.

My first flight on live was with the a321 in the American Airlines livery because it was the only free aircraft with APPR. I flew from KLAX to KSAN.

My first flight was with Qatar airways… I took off from SFO but had no idea on how to fly the plane…

Mine was an A380 from KLAX-KLAX

My first flight was in a 737-700 or something, I don’t know.

My first flight must have been in the Boeing 737-700. It was also in the socal region.

It was the 717 and I landed in KLAX, lol the good old nooby days it was on casual server.

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Mine was probably an A380 short final to KSFO. But I really can’t remember.

I got Live pretty much when it first came out so I can’t remember.

I had the old southwest 737-800 in I think socal

A380 - sorry thats all I remember and it was before live

Mine was probably KSFO-KHAF in a Cessna 172


Tijuana to LAX

Its been more than a year now, so i think i was flying in San Fransisco with emirates A380 and i got ghosted about 3 times day because obviously didnt know what ghosting was back then…