With which aircraft was your first IF flight and route ?

With wich aircraft was your first IF flight and route ?

My first was with a321 turkish airlines dusseldorf - dortmund

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On live or on solo :)

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I believe my first aircraft was the A321 in the SoCal region.

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------I mean the first

I can’t even remember for sure. I think it was the A380 or the 737-700

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Long tine ago…
It was the old A321 in NorCal.

I can’t even remember my first flight…


Turkish airlines 737-700 EDDK to EBBR

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Mine was probably the Cessna 172 in the tutorial!


Cessna 172 from Livermore to Tracy (San Francisco, Eastern Bay Area). Last week!

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A380 Air France livery in Paris region ;)

Welcome to the world of Infinite Flight!

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the cessna172, training flight I think, but it is years ago

Cessna 172 was my first aircraft, flying from KSFO and never come back… (Crashed =/)


Cessna 172 at Oshkosh. Reason being Oshkosh is very popular during their annual fly in event for real pilots.

The Cessna Tutorial probably.

Airbus A380. It was on the NorCal region, but I don’t remember the exact route.

I do not remember, probably with A321 Alitalia

Waaaay back in the old days the C172 either from or to, Half Moon Bay, in the San Francisco region

VC-25. KORD. I departed and flew around the Chicago region then went back.