With this tracker not working

Does anyone else have problems with this live tracker? My location is almost always correct but for instance in this picture it says my airport isn’t set which it is and it always has my progress way off in terms of percentage and it calculates nautical miles of the weirdest way.

This happens to me but after a few minutes it all loads in, so I don’t know what is wrong here. For me it doesn’t show the correct speeds and altitudes but it is expected since it is tracking hundreds of flights. Good luck finding an explanation :)

Restart the application and it should update. If it doesn’t, just wait as someone else said above.

Sounds good thank you and because I have an Android device I have to use it on my internet browser for some reason it is so beyond slow

When you’re filing your flight plan, assuming you do it manually, you have to make sure your destination airport gets its own leg of your flight plan. You can do that by tapping on your arrival airport’s icon and hitting the + button that pops up. This will cause LiveFlight to show your arrival airport.

Thank you but yeah I did that correctly. I try to be as realistic as possible so I always file my flight plans correctly but thank you

No problem.

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