With the boys at Lukla!

Flight Information

Plane - Cessna C208
Airport - Lukla
Callsign - Test Flight 000
Route - N/A
Flight Time - N/A

Epic staredown with @lucaviness

At Lukla with the boysss!

Rotated too late haha!

Taking dangerous turns through the mountains.

Terrible landing with @Thunderbolt watching me. Well what was I supposed to do? It was a short runway! >:(

Taxiing to parking with @lucaviness on his second run.


Awesome pictures! But I think the TBM isn’t a GA aircraft and in Lukla only Ga aircraft‘s allowed😬Correct me if I‘m wrong.

tbm is a ga aircraft.

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Yes, sorry. I did that with light aircraft mistaken.

would like to see ya’ll do the same but with fighter jets. That would be cool

Im going to attempt to land a 747-8 here tomorrow.

on expert

I wouldn’t recommend that, as there is an active TFR in the area that excludes all aircraft except for GA aircraft.

The casual server is probably your best bet if you want to fly a 747-8 into Lukla.

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i have a feeling that he will do it on expert anyway…