With the 747 to Los Angeles

Some days ago I flew from Munich (EDDM) to Los Angeles (KLAX), with the B747-8i of Lufthansa in the new livery. During the flight I saw some big citys like Chicago and Las Vegas. I loved the flight because I departed and landed at airports with 3D buildings.

Some informations about the flight:
Server: Expert Server
Flight time: 13h 26min
Route: EDDM - KLAX
Aircraft/Livery: Boeing B747-8i / Lufthansa (2018) livery

Some pictures of the flight:

Lining up on runway 08L at munich

Departing over the Fliegerhorst Ingolstadt-Manching, where the WTD61 of the Luftwaffe is located.

When I waked up the next morning I noticed that I was flying over Chicago.

Later I flew over Las Vegas.

The approach to Los Angeles was great.

Seconds before touchdown.

Crossing runway 25R/07L

At the parking position