With s 321 bug fix.

I posted earlier about the autopilot issue and the airbus a321 bobbing when at cruising altitude. With the update, did this get fixed? Has anyone tried It out yet?

Unfortunately, no. We tried really hard to get a consistent way of reproducing it but without any luck. We could be several flying with the exact same parameters in terms of weight, speed, altitude and winds but it could work perfect for some, while others were experiencing the issue.

The hunt for whatever is causing this goes on! And i know that developers are investigating it.


Turning off ALT and flying only with V/S works.

The bug has definitely something to do with the ALT autopilot; and it’s not only occurring on the A321. I have the same problem with the Dash Q400 as well as the 747-400 (and some more I can’t remember). Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

By turning off ALT and setting V/S to 0 you can maintain the altitude you want without this continuous correction.

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Yes the issue usually occurs when the plane levels off at a certain altitude, especially during descent. So to keep ALT off and just keep a steady rate of descent is the best way around it I think.
Same thing happens with the 773 and 781 as well, basically any stretched variant.

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777 300ER as well.
I am a big fan of 777 family and she has the problem as A321.

I really prefer dev. could just investigate on those bugs first instead of CRJ (just saying)