With one-year subscription but want to buy an aircraft pack

As the title, I am currently with the one-year subscription, and I plan to buy an aircraft pack with IF livery. Could some one tell me how I may do the purchase? Thanks!!

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The IF Live+ subscription comes with all planes and Regions. You don’t have to buy any plane packs.


Sign out and then sign back in

I know that, Justin, and that was the initial reason for me to buy the subscription. But i just got rejected of the IFAO membership application because I do not “own” any of the 3 IF livery aircraft packs…

If you have a 1 year subscription and are currently logged in, then enter the aircraft and/or region menus and download all of the content you wish.

Thanks, Liam_Williams & Boeing707! I’ll try that.

I meant, sign out and then sign back in

Well, it doesn’t work for me. Once I logged out and then logged in, IF app was so quick and happy to show that I “had” all the airplane packs…

This is kind of tricky. You see once you purchase the annual subscription it removes all purchasing actions from individual items so they can just be installed. While that is great for making it easy to download and install everything you want during the valid subscription period, it also prevents the ability to make purchases during that same subscription period.
That said, you can’t make purchases while having the annual subscription.

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Thanks for the info, David!! But, how I am gonna apply for IFAO then? (I got a rejected letter from Henrik Berg due to the fact that I owned none of the IF livery plane…)

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Are you serious, Rotate? I’ll give it another try. Thanks for the help~~

I don’t mean this as sarcasm or anything, but that sounds like something IFAO would need to resolve.

Just reapplied the membership…

Yes, David, you are totally right on this. Hope they would come up with a solution or they might have some very angry applicants lining up soon ;-)

Joseph. IFAO’s minimum requirements is that you need to “at least” have an aircraft with the IF livery on it, no matter is that you lent it for 1 year for live plus or you paid $ for it or got it for 20 purchases. We won’t actually check-back on applicants on updates becuase we delete all the rejected members from the spreadsheet right after the rejection letter is sent. So if you want to update I recommend just submitting another response

A red flag was raised on our end when we saw you had registered twice. Now I know the reason! I’ll tell @Henrik_B to accept you when he wakes up tomorrow. Welcome to the organization!

Big thanks to you both, Ian & Sean!! Appreciate your mindful info and process!!!

When I did the application 1st time, I looked at the 4 options related to the ownership of IF livery planes and thought “leasing” doesn’t count as “owning”. Well, so glad to have you both and all the others trying to help me out on this, come out and give me hands. Great appreciations~~

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I have the same problem! I purchased the year subscription, but it doesnt show up. The money is already taken from my account, but the app still shows me that i have the monthly subscription. Also I have no access to any airplanes or regions.