With iOS 13 coming out, will Infinite Flight finally get native joystick support on iOS devices?

Pretty much as the tittle suggests. IOS 13 now supports controllers like the Xbox One & PS4 Dual shock natively. Does that now mean that Infinite Flight will be able to accommodate joysticks through the USB-C connectors found on 2018 iPad pros and USB-A to lightning connectors to older iPads and current iPhones?

UPDATE 1: @Hymenopus_Coronatus has confirmed that Xbox One Controllers do indeed work with Infinite Flight on the current iOS 13 Beta. This is exciting news!

@George_Anastasis has also confirmed that the PS4 DualShock controller works with Infinite Flight as well! Must be on iOS 13 Beta for this to work as well.


Xbox controllers and PS controllers can’t be connected

But a USB Joystick can be connected but it needs to compatible with your device


I don’t think that a new iOS update will magically make Infinite Flight (on mobile) joystick compatible; that is up to the developers to do that whenever they feel like it, I guess.

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As @DatAviation_340YT they’ll also have to make a new update for it

Also they’ll have run it by Xbox and PlayStation

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But with iOS being able to support joysticks it opens up the possibility that app developers can use game controllers in their apps

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You missed what I am inquiring about. Console controllers can be connected to ios 13 now. With that said, will joysticks be able to connect directly to infinite flight.

Oh ok yes you will be able to do that

Have you done so already?

iOS 13 hasn’t been released yet, it’s still in early Beta.


Maybe contact Apple support and see what they say.

Android devices can already plug a device straight in and IF recognize it.

Only an IF developer can tell us if the iOS version will need updated. It is quite possible that IF is already set up to recognize the device but is limited by hardware/operating systems.


So this is a question to early beta users then.

Apple support does not have a answer to beta software. This is a question directed to developers and individuals who have the developer beta installed on their ios device.

What exactly is the question? You started out asking about IF and now it seems it is more of an Apple question?

You could contact Craig Federighi.

I said that because of this statement, that I’m sure still holds true for this beta.

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Infinite Flight says they cannot support direct input from IOS devices because of a restriction from Apple about connecting directly to IOS.

IOS 13 now supports direct input from controller devices. So the question to IF is, does this pave the way for direct joystick input.

IOS 13 is in developer beta so apple will not answer. But, assuming if anyone has the developer data, Infinite Flight developers included, has that gateway been opened?

This is a question to who has their hands on the developer beta.

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The public beta will come out in the next couple of weeks and you can see then.

And I can post a question on support as well. Lets not forget this is a forum is for asking genuine questions. Not smart responses.

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The only group that matters to have a version of 13 is the IF developers. They are in the middle of current development at the moment. I’m sure that once it gets released to the general public that more information will come out.

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