"With Information Alpha"

Just a note.

When you say you “have information Kilo,” the presumption is that you’ve listened to it.

I don’t know why, but people will specifically tune back to ATIS when they don’t get the runway they want, hear again the runways in use, and still request the wrong end or the wrong runway. Or hear no patternwork and think “Imma request patterns.”

The point of ATIS is not so you just have to click through one more time to get to tower or ground. It’s to provide relevant information.

Use it. If you say you have information whatever, don’t ask for something contradicting it over and over.

Surely you can understand how rediculous you sound when ATIS says using runway 36 and you call in “Air Impatience ready to taxi to runway 18 with information Foxtrot.” Right?


Whenever ATIS came out, I thought it would be great to have a feature that makes the pilot select the phonetic letter of the active ATIS when contacting tower. If Golf is active, the pilot would scroll through a list for Golf. My thought is this would ensure pilots are actually READING the ATIS information.


I think that the way out is for the runways that are not active to be removed from the runway selection in the first place (for the pilots); same goes for pattern work etc. So if it’s not available, it won’t even show up as an option for pilots to request.

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Only with tower then.

On Expert, we ask Pilots to create a flight plan, before flying. We add this into the ATIS: “file a flight plan, before requesting taxi”.

And guess what…


I might be making this up but isn’t there a “please file flight plan” command? That said it’s probably a pain to give that to so many aircraft.

I believe there is. They can just put it into the ATIS, no need to tell everyone individually.


Yes, there is. Apart from putting the ‘please file flight plan’ in ATIS, I also broadcast ‘please file a flight plan, before taxi’, every so many minutes.

But guess what…


They still don’t do it. :/

That’s why when I request taxi, I don’t request a specific runway.

I just say “…ready to taxi with Information …”

But if you’ve listened to the ATIS then you can request a runway, if it’s being used for take off.


I guess it makes no difference at the end.

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But you can get the runway you’ve planned for if you request it, but hardly anyone plans their departure I guess.

From tonight: in atis if it says straight out departure. This means fly runway heading until out of the airspace. Not turn immediately after take off. If it’s added to the atis, there is a reason it is there

@azeeuwnl. MaxSez: “and guess what”. What sez “spare the rod spoil the child”. Ghost dem malafactors they should know better. its “Expert” after all.
Regards old friend…


What you say makes sense, really. If they don’t want to learn with the topics made in the #tutorials category then the might learn by the hard way. But I’am pretty sure that, if you start ghosting those pilots they won’t be very happy, and there are a lot of pilots like that, there would be a big ammount of people arrguing with the IFATC and their supervisors in the IFC… They won’t listen at all.
But hey, this topic should help a lot, thanks Tim!

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@Lucas_Dominguez. MaxSez: Interesting observation Lucas. I’ve been unhappy when Ghosted a lot. I’ve never BS’s my way out of an IFATC bust.
Routinely I made a dumb mistake or missed something in the rules of the road coming up. I learned the system the hard way and appreciate the learning experiences. IF needs more Tough Love on the “so called Expert”. My position is and has been “If you can’t hack the pace get out of the race”. Moving up to the Expert requires you to put on your big kids pants. You reap what you sow!
Suck it up!


As fellow IFATC, I’ve had to tell many a pilot to ‘Check ATIS for Airfield Information’ quite a lot. Listening to the ATIS makes it easier for pilot and controller alike. If a controller isn’t using the runway you want, it’s usually for a good reason. It may help him/her organize traffic better (reducing delays) as well as giving the pilot optimal wind conditions for takeoff or landing. Don’t blow the ATIS off. A longer taxi or extra downwind leg isn’t the end of the world.


but you see, my dear friend, us IFATCs need to be loving and forgiving.
Lots of paying customers out there…


I think this topic links the key problem of most pilots using IF: they don’t treat this app like a simulator as it is supposed to be. No planning, just get somehow up and down, and this as quick as possible. People have to learn that flying takes time and is a subject related to many regulations. But in the other hand I think IF offers a great opportunity for fellow aviation fans to exactly learn about this, and I hope that many people can profit of this and extend their knowledge.

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