With Immediate Notice, El Al Starts Flights To Morocco Tomorrow

El Al Is Saved! (NEW THREAD) (News/Updates Frequently)

El Al Israel Airlines, based in Tel Aviv has just been bought, 42% of El Al, is now sold. It is owned by 23 year old Eli Rosenberg. Routes of the airlines aren’t supposed to change much

New news as of December 21

One of the top executives of the airline says that she believes free Wi-Fi should be present for all passengers on for the flights. Quoting the following: Yes. In my opinion, the ideal would be a free internet that allows the passenger to access their personal accounts on sites such as Netflix, Amazon, and Spotify. This way, the passenger will get their favorite content from huge libraries that we, as an airline, can never compete with. This situation requires technological improvements, mainly in the field of bandwidth and geographical coverage of satellites. As far as I know, internet service providers are already working on it. I assume that in the next year or two, there will be a significant improvement in the connectivity technology on board.” With immediate notice, the airline has also announced that they will start operation to morocco today as a peace flight. Regular Passenger services will most likely start in January, in about a month.


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Wow that’s real detailed… Great work!

Thank you!

This is beautiful!

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This is really great Zac. Glad to see that El Al is starting up services again to New York.

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@Z-Tube @RitzRegis @Austrian001, we have a new LYVA route!


The return flight has been completed!

More news for El Al. 🎉

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Thread updated

Thread updated

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That’s really exciting! Glad to see my favorite airlines making moves 👀
Which also means further peace agreements being made which is also awesome!

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Some news about this flight from Morocco

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