With IFATC: Music City! - Snoman's Flyout Series 5.1 @ KBNA - 051900ZAPR20

heart is fine

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Yeah bro, you’re welcome

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Can I have spirit airlines to las please

Sure, see you there!

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I’ll snap up the BA 789 to EGLL please. Thanks!

Sure! Enjoy that Dreamliner!

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Let’s fill up Nashville y’all!

Can I have this gate in Illinois One? This event is on my mom’s birthday, we’ll see as the event becomes closer.

Sure and no worries if you can’t end up making it. Happy early birthday to your mom!

I will take that gate, please!

Awesome, see you there!

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I look forward to be there!

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Hey, may I please get C14 to BWI?

Sure thing! Which livery would you like?

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I’ll just go with Heart One
Thank you!

Can I get C21 to Tampa please?

You would not believe the shot of ecstasy that hit me when I saw my favorite airport is having an event

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Awesome! What livery would you like on it?

I’ll take the Canyon Blue livery please

C22 Southwest 737-700 Saint Louis-KSTL

This one please it will be in the Heart livery

See you there!

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