With IFATC: Music City! - Snoman's Flyout Series 5.1 @ KBNA - 051900ZAPR20

Yup, dozens more! Check out the series page:

You can scroll to the bottom to see the newest ones

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Just saw it lol

I will take B8 to Seattle with the Old livery please!

Awesome! See you there!

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@snoman did you do a poll for your next event?

You can check out a schedule of my events here!

Can i get gate c19
With heart

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Yes and very nice choice, Austin is my home city!

Let’s give BNA some love!

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Let’s fill up Nashville!

Can I switch my gate to this. I will be in the CCX headed to St. Kitts (TKPK)

Hanger 6 | Cessna Citation x | KTEB (Teterboro) | Spongebob Captpants (IF Username)

(Or i will take hanger 6)

I’ll take B5 to SLC

@United2 you’ve been switched, and @GameBoy_KIRB and @Luca_Noordermeer you’ve been signed up!


Kindly appreciated sir

Can you sign me up for American C12 normal livery to Dallas Fort Worth please?

Sure, see you there!

Thank you. Appreciate it.

I will take C18 please.

Awesome! What livery would you like on it?