With IFATC: Music City! - Snoman's Flyout Series 5.1 @ KBNA - 051900ZAPR20

Let’s get some more signups!

I’ll do this one!!

Great, thanks for coming!

I’m loving this fly out series! Any more in the plans?

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Never mind again, I am blind

Yup, dozens more! Check out the series page:

You can scroll to the bottom to see the newest ones

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Just saw it lol

I will take B8 to Seattle with the Old livery please!

Awesome! See you there!

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@snoman did you do a poll for your next event?

You can check out a schedule of my events here!

Can i get gate c19
With heart

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Yes and very nice choice, Austin is my home city!

Let’s give BNA some love!

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Let’s fill up Nashville!

Can I switch my gate to this. I will be in the CCX headed to St. Kitts (TKPK)

Hanger 6 | Cessna Citation x | KTEB (Teterboro) | Spongebob Captpants (IF Username)

(Or i will take hanger 6)

I’ll take B5 to SLC

@United2 you’ve been switched, and @GameBoy_KIRB and @Luca_Noordermeer you’ve been signed up!


Kindly appreciated sir