With HAAB featured today, a quick reminder on backtaxi

Since HAAB doesn’t have a taxiway leading all the way to the end of the runway, here’s a quick reminder: backtaxi (that is, traveling the opposite direction while on the runway to get to the end of the runway before takeoff) is handled by tower. Here’s the official tutorial

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I’m pretty sure everyone on expert knows how to back taxi… But this is a good reminder for grade 2’s, 1’s…

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You’d be surprised. Controlling there now and already had several people act confused, not that the percentage of those who are confused and those who read IFC entirely intersect, but still worth an effort to remind people.


On Expert or on Training?

Is it even open now on training?

Not sure, that’s why I’m asking…

It’s HAAB, so it’s expert.

Unless TSATC features HAAB, you’ll almost never find it with active ATC.


Hopefully this map would be useful for pilots in HAAB 😊


To fellow pilots: If you don’t know how HAAB works then don’t fly out of it and save your self a ghosting.

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You already know the controller, so go ahead and continue discussion via PM. No need to do it on this thread.


right now, we are attempting to switch deps to 25R. this means that you should not back taxi down 25R for a 25L dep, ever, without permission, but especially now.

Grade 1s and 2s won’t be doing this as HAAB is featured on the Expert server.

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