With all these amazing new updates coming out in Infinite Flight i want to start flying again

I was a 3rd grade pilot but stopped playing because I literally could not land a plane without autopilot and now i wanna start flying again but i still have problems landing the plane it doesn’t stay stabilized when i disengage the autopilot even though I follow the procedures required any tips would be helpful!


Do you calibrate your device before you disengage the autopilot?

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Yes i do calibrate it and the trim and speed everything is good the plane still goes down very fast maybe now that they have speedbrakes it might help in slowing down the plane

sometimes that happens, i haven’t found a way to fix it yet but usually i disconnect autopilot 2 or 3 minutes out so that i have plenty of time to get my approach stabilized and set my rudder where it needs to be


What speed are you at when you’re on final approach? Normally you want to be from 135 to 145 knots

Awesome to hear you coming back! 👏

Can you send a video of your screen when this happens? This should clear up the issue and provide some answers.

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Make sure there’s no pink showing in the trim selector before you disengage autopilot.

I don’t do it this early bc like i said I can’t control the plane

I always keep it either 135 or 145 sometimes autopilot handles 125 well

I will do that when i fly i need to buy a subscription again for online

Hmm never knew that will keep that in mind now

Try flying in solo to recreate it. By the sounds of it, it’s not an internet thing, so it shouldn’t make a difference.

It might be helpful to copy what happens in real life student pilot lessons: practice all your landing transitions (in your IF case - transition to low speed with flaps, gear, autopilot disengage etc.) away from the airport and several thousand feet above the ground.

The aim is to get familiar, by repeated practice, with how to control the particular aircraft, with the distraction of the approach and landing removed.

Think of them as two different skills to be practiced separately:
1)transition aircraft for landing configuration and speed
2)the actual approach and landing

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