With Air India from day to night

I decided today to fly from Kathmandu to New Delhi with Air India and had to say that the view of the Himalayas was just wonderful! After I landed, I decided to share the best photos here. Enjoy!

Flight Infos

Aircraft: Air India A321-200
Route: VNKT - VIDP
Flight Time: 1:55
Server: Expert
Callsign: NSV1130C

Parked in VNKT at Gate 8

And we are already rotating out of Kathmandu with a TBM-930 in the foreground

Climbing out of Kathmandu with the beautiful Himalayas in the background. It almost looks like we already have the clouds, right?

Slowly the sun begins to set …

…and this results in even nicer moonshots!

Unfortunately, this flight also has to come to an end, so I’m already descenting towards New Delhi

Short final at VIDP…

…touchdown on runway 11

Now the 125 passengers can deboard

That was it! I hope you enjoyed the pictures. Maybe till next time!

What was your favorite photo?

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That was my first post, hopefully everything is fine xD

Have a great day, night, what ever!


Lovely shots! I had a tough time choosing between 1 and 3 as my favs. Love the fact that you got the mountains in the background so well.


Wow nice shots.

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Thank you! The opinions mean a lot to me!

Fabulous shots! Love the moonshot :)

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Beautiful moonshot. For your first post, you totally nailed it!

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amazing shots

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Amazing shots!! Absolutely loved it!!

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