Wishlist for this update or for the future

hey this is one of the things i would like for infinite flight (not pro) please tell me what you think:

  1. more plane
  2. dont rent for pro but buy and own the pro version ( am saying this because you dont have to have that presure inside you if you dont have time like me)
  3. more countries ( i want to fly to a country to another or let you fly to anther of those boxes and allowing you to do a circlearound the world only one way)
  4. anymations for the plane and cuality
    5.good cuality airports and the animation of the gate moving toward the plane by themselves by A.I.

thanks and comment what you think

Hello! These are all great suggestions! Feel free to vote in #features. Here are some of those requests:

The rest are too broad to be summed up in one topic, but they’re out there for specific aircraft!


oh nice thanks

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Welcome to the Infinite Flight Community!

Thank you for being here with us! On behalf of the community, I’d like to extend a warm welcome to you. We are a vast community from all over the globe, and we love interacting together. Certainly, we would all love to have the features that you request today! I recommend that you browse through the #features category, vote for features you’d like to see, and utilize the search bar if you cannot find something. Usually, if you have a request, someone else has it too! Most important of all, have fun, make new friends, and enjoy your time here! I’ve linked a couple of topics that will help you get started here and give you the basics of the forum’s workings, rules, and all other relevant information. Thanks!

Welcome to the Infinite Flight Community

Why have I not reached TL* yet?

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thanks for the welcome your very nice

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