Wish To Hep IF/IFC More

Hey IFC,
So over the years all of you in the IFC, the developers and many more people have taught me valuable lessons about aviation (my life). To give thanks to all these people I could send them a message but I didn’t think that would come close to the recognition they deserve so I was wondering. How could I be more involved in IF and the IFC? I’m already in a VA and hoping to create a VO as soon as applications open so I just wanted to know if anyone has ideas. Please bear in mind that in the end, I do wish to become a Qantas A380 Captain and a staff member in the IF team but that’s in the very far future. So for now, could you please provide me with some ideas that I can do (that doesn’t take the greatest amount of time due to school).
Thanks a lot!

P.S. Sorry if this doesn’t belong here or it’s in the wrong category.

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There’s many people you could come to for advice. Fellow regulars, mods and others. So, if I were to tell you some of the many ways you could help, you could do what us regulars do, which basically involve assisting the moderators and cut them some slack. Oh, and becoming an IF Staff will involve your utmost dedication to making IF a better simulator. You have to do something that makes them want to hire you. If your VO can gain major potential, it will usually not be your normal VO. If it revolves around a fun idea, you could attract more people into your VO.

Hope I was able to help you, and best of luck with your ambitions! 👍🏻


Hey Nate,
Thanks for the reply, you talk about assisting the moderators by cutting them some slack. How would I do that exactly?
About becoming an IF staff, I am willing to be extremely dedicated to making IF better and assisting them and more than wanting to (which why I wrote this post), I just don’t know how to do that.
When you mention, “If your VO can gain major potential, it will usually not be your normal VO”, what do mean by this sorry?
I don’t want to harras the developers like Tyler so I think I’ll send them a DM asking on ways to help out.
Thanks again, Nate!

Regulars help out by providing information to new members and helping out members that require assistance.

You’d have to talk to Laura personally about that, or, the excutive staff at IFLLC. I’m unsure of the hiring process they go though, or what prerequisites they require for you to be hired.

He means basically give your VO something that no one else has. Something new and exciting. Or, if people like it as it is, to begin the traction of people joining.

Hopefully I provided some information and some extension to his comments!

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Hey Connor,
Thanks a lot for your helpful reply. That all looks possible and I think my Vo will be something new and exciting for both new and old members! I just have a problem, I may not become a regular because of school but I do try my best and looking forward to talking to everyone on the forum.
Thanks again mate!

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