Wise Decision?

Hello IFC,

I am currently planning for my longest ever flight on IF, PPT-CDG. The ETA is about 18 hours.

Here’s the question…

What server should I fly it on?

I am currently running my iPhone 6 on long hauls. My main issue is that I down want extreme lagging. It is either between Training or Expert.

What are your thoughts?

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Might as well try the ES if you want total realism.

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If your phone is prone to crashing, I would fly it on Solo to be honest. This results in no aircraft or ATC needing to load, resulting in a smoother experience.

If you want it to be online, I’d say Expert. The only reason that I can see that you’d get any violations is if you ran out of fuel.

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I think I am leaning toward Expert because I want realism, and also I will be awake for the last third, so I can monitor fuel levels and plan a possible diversion. Restarting my device before the flight will also help right?

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Good news! I flew this exact flight a few weeks ago using my IPhone 6s, all graphics low, Max fuel, low pax, you’ll be fine

I would recommend Expert, and I didn’t step climb either, fuel will not be a problem if you’re light


I used FPLtoIF to plan, is that generally accurate info? Like should I use the fuel it told me to or more?

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I would go full fuel, but I used FPLtoIF.com too, and my flight time was 16:38 if that helps

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Also so you know, if you use all the tips to prevent app crashes, you will probably make it. My phone never crashed on my 4 flights over 16 hours

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Thanks for all the tips @NoahM and all others!

I’m really excited about it, never flown a flight longer than 13 hours, so it could get interesting…

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