Wisconsin Sunrise (KMSN spotting)

I just recently visited Madison WI, my hometown. KMSN (Dane County Regional) is such a beautiful regional airport that I have lots of wonderful memories with.

Blood Red Sun

UA CRJ to Chicago

DL 752 to Minneapolis

DL A321 to Detroit (my flight)

I know, everything is backlit, but what’s a sunrise without it.


@Hopperbolic actually works the ramp at KMSN I believe, and for Delta. Maybe he even loaded your plane up :)


I’ve talked to him in the past :)

Might be him in the last pic, who knows.

Nice pics man. Hopperbolic sends us beautiful pics of the sunrise all the time. Dude in the last pic doesn’t look like him


The last pic is definately not hop.

Nice pics indeed.Looks like MSN is known for beautiful sunrises

Awesome pictures! I love seeing planes rising bright and early out of a deep night sleep in preparation to explore the world. Everyday is a new day, and that means never knowing completely what to expect. But that’s one of the best things about aviation.

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Sorry folks I was out on a non rev adventure. I can’t make out who is in the pic’s sadly.

Here is a pic I took the other day while on the ramp in MSN


I love the Delta CRJ tail! Awesome photos.
Sadly I ran out of likes

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Nice photos!

@Hopperbolic that photo looks stunning!

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Looks Amazing!!!

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I love Madison! I really miss living there. I used to live in an apartment complex near the airport, just off of East Washington by the mall. Hearing those F16s every day was the best!

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