Wireless Keyboard?

You know those wireless keyboard things the bluetooth one because i have one i was just wondering if it would work for if

Sorry I’m a bit confused. Are you asking for help with your wireless keyboard?

No i mean i have a bluetooth keyboard i wanted to know would i be able to use it for if

Oh right! You can PM @carmalonso because he is the one that can help you here :)

@anon91505560 check out LiveFlight Connect!

No I’m not.

If it’s connected to a PC and using LiveFlight Connect, then sure.

I only use mac though

Sorry! forgot to mention liveflight connect :/ not the keyboard :)

Sorry but it doesn’t work it is not updated to the latest mac update so i cant get it :(

Hello. I am brand new today with this software, and I am using Bluestacks in order to use laptop keyboard controls.

I have downloaded the liveflight connect and it has indeed connected. Yet, when I go to the control settings and
press the keys for up/down, C/D etc. nothing shows. I followed directions, so yes, I made sure to enable flight connect in the settings menu.

I am running Windows 7 . Can anyone verify if Bluestacks works with this software?

My next obvious question is, do I have to pay for a subscription to use flight connect with infinite flight? I just want to fly solo, “offline” if you will, to evaluate and decide if I want to purchase a subscription.

Hope this post makes sense; I have already looked around the tutorials, but I didn’t see anything that addressed my questions. Thanks for any help.

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I suggest for you logic tech solar key board, very very comfortable and light weight

Does bluestacks work with IF? It used to crash on mine

LiveFlight Connect doesn’t need a subscription or anything; it’s free - I was in a good mood that day ;)

Regarding the key setup - LiveFlight needs to be the foreground (select) program. It doesn’t pick up keys when the program isn’t selected/is minimised.

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Well that was short lived; I was sure Bluestacks 2 would work since it launched the sim and I could move around the settings screen, etc.

But when it came time to actually load, clicking the “fly” button in bottom right, crashed the game. Oh well…

Hopefully they will find a way so you can use a wireless keyboard on IF

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