Wireless Joystick use?

How can you connect a wireless joystick with infinite flight? Is it only for joysticks with a USB Cable?

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Check this topic out :)

@Canada001 Hope your doubts was cleared, if not let me know I am glad to help you.

I just connected my Logitech extreme pro 3d joystick to my ipad via live flight connect software using my pc.

It works superb, make sure you have a strong wifi connection, otherwise the joystick input will not register in your sim as its a network controller.

If you use a wireless joystick that has one of those wireless plugins that go into the USB port, you will be fine. Just plug that in and use LiveFlight like you normally would.
If it is a Bluetooth, I am unsure.

Keep in mind there may be an increased delay in controls as the signal will have to be passed through 3 devices.

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