Wireless Hotspot Network Speed Test

Good morning/afternoon/evening fellow IF airmen! Hope y’all doing well 🙂.

Here are some screenshots I took of some internet speed tests I just did and I would like to ask for some advice. Are these speeds enough for Infinite Flight or are they too slow ? If these speeds are too slow, is there any way to speed up my connection ?

These are tests I did both on my phone (main Hotspot source) and in my iPad which I contact to the internet via my phone’s Hotspot.

Since IF 22.8 came out I am experiencing a few small (yet annoying) frame rate disruptions and hiccups (even on lower graphics settings and 60fps) and occasional app crashes (not always but occasionally, mainly when spawning into an airport or when tapping on an airport on the home screen). Since I’ve tried many different settings on IF and on my iPad without much improvement, I have a feeling that these issues might be related to my internet connection/speed. My iPad storage is very good, I have no replay files on IF and my iPad’s performance is perfect. I’ve got the iPad pro 5th generation (M1 I think) 2021 12.9 inches which is a very powerful device. So it’s probably the internet.

Any support/advice will be greatly appreciated.

Cheers 🙂

While I can’t say if your speed is enough, I found that the average download speed on mobile data is 30.78mbps while the average upload speed is 8.55mbps. So you’re above average. And while I don’t exactly know my mobile connection bandwidth I know that mine is definitely not too good and I can normally play with it (I also use a hotspot for my iPad).
The speed on the iPad is a bit lower though so maybe that’s the problem after all.

I also wouldn’t exclude the iPads performance from the equation just yet, because I am pretty sure the app freezes iOS users have been encountering for quite a few months/years were related to the iPad software. My iPad Pro for example regularly crashes when I close a floating window.


Yes that’s correct, there’s a general issue with iOS/Apple users and I know I’m not the only one who reported these kind of issues. But I also know other users who have the same device like you and I have, who say they have no issues at all. I guess it needs some more research. Hopefully Apple/iOS will release a new software update soon and then things might get better again… Thanks for your time and for your reply mate 🙂

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Speeds are not the important aspect. Unless it’s super low. Your ping & jitter looks good enough and that matters more for multiplayer while speeds are for downloads.



Might wanna remove your IP from those screenshots.


Good point, thanks for letting me know. Just deleted that screenshot 😂 🤣 🙂


Hey Schyllberg! Thanks for clarifying. Actually I just found out that I can change my Hotspot AP band setting from 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz, which I just did. I’ll try it out tomorrow and hopefully I’ll have better performance once again. Thanks again for your time and for your support 🙂

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Happy to help! Don’t want your to be DOXXed!


this may be none of my business but why is a hotspot needed or is it bc you have problems with wifi

no hate in any way just curious


Hey, no worries at all mate 🙂. I just wanted to try out a portable internet source, which I now realized is not the best choice as for internet speed. I’m planning to install a stronger connection by next week and I’m sure after doing this IF will run smoothly again 🙂

ohh that explains alot but i would indeed not go for a hotspot even if it worked cause its gonna be mad expensive lol

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