Wir sind zurück! Austrian Airlines Virtual!

Hello fellow IF Pilots!
Austrian VA is here and it’s better than ever. If you are looking for a professional and realistic environment, head immediately to http://austrianva.weebly.com/join-us.html and join us!

We are IFARB approved

We will host a Recruitment event ([CANCELLED/CLOSED] Austrian VA Recruitment Flight @ LOWW - 061400ZAPR18) so stay tuned in on the Events page!

We are looking for all sort of Personnel so make sure to join!
Due to the small size of the Austrian fleet in IF, our pilots can also operate Lufthansa group aircraft.

All the best,
Captain Danz (@LordDanz)


Viel Glück Austrian Virtual Team ! 💪👍

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Someone will ask if this is IFVARB approved.👀


It actually is :)
I got it IFVARB approved in October but I only became a TL2 today so…


What do you think about joining?

FYI, your pilot logbook shows personal email addresses to everyone. You should lock that. :)


I fly with Austrian regularly, this looks like a good VA! Viel Glück von AOVA!


I don’t speak german! ;) I just google tran. all the time

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Haha alright, basically means good luck :)


Thanks a lot!! :) “Viel Gluck” to you too lol

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Thanks. Make sure to participate in Austrian VA Recruitment Flight @ LOWW - 041400ZAPR18

I live in Switzerland, I guess you are in Austria? Nonetheless, check the event out. Would be nice to see you! :)

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Saw your application and niiice! Make sure to sign up to the Austrian VA Recruitment Flight @ LOWW - 041400ZAPR18 event so I can test your flying skills in a practical test but i’m sure you’re a great pilot. ;)

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Might I suggest this logo? You’re not allowed to use the airline’s real logo, so I recreated it, and added the word virtual.

Sure, I didn’t use the real logo but this one looks nice. Can I just suggest changing the font “Virtual” is in and put it in the Austrian logo?

You used the real logo, but just added the words “Virtual Airlines”. You’re not allowed to use the red arrow or the unedited word “Austrian”. The old United Virtual was shut down because they used the real United globe.

I was allowed to use the logo as DeerCrusher (a moderator) approved the VA when I was using that logo.

IFVARB may approve it. But the actual airline may not.

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Website was improved and now has:

  • Events Page
  • Pilot’s Corner (PIREP, Bookings…)
  • New and simpler to use theme


Wow, fleet looks AWESOME…best of luck from Porter Virtual!!

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Thanks, cool. BTW, coming to your event tomorrow!

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