Hey so why were the wipers added?
Because there isn’t any rain or snow effects in IF, nor is there a way of cleaning the windows with them because the windows are always clean… lol
My friends were curious about this


I guess just for realism… Or maybe It’s a secret message for what that may come🤔


For realism? What? How is it going to be realistic if it is simply “useless”?


It’s more realistic to have movable wipers then having them solid, wether they are useful or not.


Oh ok then. Thnaks for saying

Future use. It doesn’t stay summer forever you know 😉


… or it is a message that this airframe wouldn’t be revised before we have rain in IF …

_As far as i can infer
Realism and a piece to some new features

Real planes have them, so they were added. Plus it is a nice touch. I wouldn’t read too much into it.


Good point @GustavZJ

So “winter is coming”? 😏


I use them when an airport I’m landing at has precipitation irl. Hopefully we will see radar in IF at some point (I’ve seen pictures of Laura testing it)

Really? Where did you ?

CRJ Tracking thread. Looking for it now.

Well darn. I can’t seem to find it anywhere :/ sorry for the heart attack.

Basically what Chris said above. Since we were adding new animations (passenger doors, hold doors), it was something relatively easy to add, and a fun little novelty :)


Really is fun to land with them on when you see the METAR showing RA, TS, or SN.

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You can imagine its raining when the weather is foggy and turbulant or something like that. Its what i would do : )

Really to be honest it’s just a cool feature, there might not be rain or anything but it’s a really cool feature

I use wipers when it’s raining at in airport in real life. I doubt we will see weather anytime soon. Wipers are probably just a decoration if anything.