WIP New Features

I saw on IF’s Instagram that there was a new feature, although I didn’t understand what exactly it was. It had something to do with replays. Would someone mind explaining it to me. Thanks!

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It was something about ATC replays.

I’m sorry I was thinking about the last update 😬

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Can you link the post?

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Sadly I cannot, I am at school at my school blocked instagram :(

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It was on IF’s instagram

Here is the post:


Yeah thats it!

I just don’t understand what is does.

Well, it’s exactly what it says. A replay of an ATC session :D

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Oh can you replay your own sessions?

It’s like replay in solo, but in multiplayer

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Oh thats so cool! Thanks everyone!

Stay tuned, details will be out soon.


Ooooh I’m excited!

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Read all about it @samdog27!

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See Jason’s announcement linked above :)