Winterchallenge, i want to know my national Airports!

Hey there Guys!

I took a long brake from the IFC and IF itself. Now i am back and winter is coming. Winter means, that i do have more time to spend with IF. I decided to set myself a goal for this Winter and therefor i have a “small” challenge to share with you! Maybe you want to do it in your own country?
My personal goal: Fly every route (winter flight plan 22/23) from every German Airport! Yes, Munich and Frankfurt are big big challenges, but i will start with the small ones! So lets skip the talking and show my current progress!

I will keep this post up to date, but decided not to write down all the routes. Instead i will give out an percentage and also showcase my top 3 or top 5 routes.

EDDE - Erfurt - Progress: 100% done
My top routes from Erfurt:
3 - B738 Corendon to Hurghada
2 - A319 SundAir to Kussamo
1 - A319 SundAir to Tromso

EDNY - Friedrichshafen - Progress: 100% done
3 - CRJ9 Lufthansa to Frankfurt
2 - B738 Corendon to Hurghada
1 - A320 Easyjet to London Gatwick

EDLP - Paderborn - Progress: 100% done
1 - A320 Eurowings to Mallorca

EDDR - Saarbrücken - Progress 60% done
1 - A320 Smartlynx to Teneriffa

EDXW - Sylt - Progress: 40% done
1 - A220 Swiss to Zürich

And that is it for now! The next Airport will be added in once i worked out and copied the current winter flight plan. I wish everyone a nice fall and winter season, and i hope to inspire some of you to go and get their national Airports known a bit better. I can`t wait to fly the first legs, i will share my progress here and also share some pictures. If a livery isnt ingame yet, i will use the generic model. And if the Aircraft isnt ingame yet, i will use a similar one. Wish you people a lovely day and have clear skies!

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Wow. Good luck, that’ll be a months if not years amount of work


I am doing my best to copy the current winter flight plan into my list. 10 out of 21 Airports are already listed (the 10 smallest ones = 144 flights, a ton of Ryanair) and i cant imagine to see where i am in February or March

It is Day 2 of my personal challenge and well, Erfurt is done!
Flight duration from Erfurt:
to Antalya: 3hours 2minutes
to Hurghada: 4hours 19minutes
to Tromso: 3hours 9minutes
to Kittila: 2hours 47minutes
to Kussamo: 2hours 57minutes

Here are my personal highlights from the 5 flights:
The beginning of my journey! B738 rotating out of Erfurt on the way to Antalya

B738 flying above Egypt on the way to Hurghada

A319 taxing to the Runway to fly to Kussamo, B738 in the background

So what did I learned until now?
Erfurt is a beautiful place because of the 3D Airport and I was surprised to meet another player there. Lovely small place.

Wow! I’d love to see you complete this monumental challenge. Now, I want to see somebody try this with the United States and see how many decades it takes them.

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Day 7 is nearly done and all flights from Friedrichshafen are done. Here are the flight times:
to Antalya: 2 hours 45 minutes
to Hurghada: 4 hours 9 minutes
to London Gatwick: 1 hour 35 minutes
to Frankfurt: 1 hour 2 minutes (with one go around)
to Skopje: 1 hour 45 minutes
to Tirana: 1 hour 50 minutes
to Tuzla: 1 Hour 25 minutes

And here are my highlights from the last days:
Touchdown in Frankfurt:

Guess the airport! (ultra hardcore difficulty)

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I took an entire month off, sadly I had to. But: after my last flight on the 3rd November, on the 3rd December I took back to the skies. I decided to break with my own rules and don’t work on airports until they are done, I try to have a bit more variety and just fly a bit more random. So here are some nice pictures from my 2 flights:

A319 Sylt to Düsseldorf:

Arrived in Düsseldorf:

A220 Sylt to Zürich:

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